Chapter 1160: Suppression and Resistance (Part Two)

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“You…” Johnson was enraged.

In just a few seconds, the last few hundred soldiers of Sunderland died in the hands of their peers, soldiers of Juventus.

“Juventus… your action stepped over the line!”

Such an act of violence instantly enraged other empires as well.

Supreme masters such as Fellaini of the Everton Empire, Denuo of the Spain Empire, and Milosevic of the Osasuna Empire all flew into the air and stood with Johnson, staring at Iaquinta in anger.

“Humph! What is wrong with me killing the cowards who escaped from the battlefield?” Iaquinta sneered.

“Yuck! Where is your face?” Johnson almost exploded in fury. “My soldiers of Sunderland battled the goblins on the outside for an entire day, and we killed more than 200,000 enemies. Out of 40,000 soldiers, close to 30,000 died on the battleground with honor. During this time, what were bstards like you doing? You guys fcking stayed back in the center of the campsite like turtles, and you did nothing for the battle. Where did you get the courage to accuse us? Yuck! The Inter Milan Empire and the AC Milan Empire should have killed b*stards like you when they had the chance!”

“Yeah! We are all here to reinforce the humans in the Southern Region. Why aren’t you fighting alongside us?”

“We need a proper reason!”

“Humph! Want to treat us like cannon fodder? We were blind! We actually decided to ally with b*stards like you!”

“This is done! Pass my order! Retreat! We will go back to our empire!”

“Yeah! If you are going to put your interest before everyone and not participate in the battle, we will just all treat out of the Southern Region.”

More and more masters of other empires got angry, and they flew into the sky and stood against Iaquinta.

At this point, the troops of more than seven empires were wiped out already. The troops of the Holy Church, Juventus, and Barcelona should be the core forces in fighting the goblins, but they didn’t help at all. Instead, they used others as cannon fodder and even accused the latter of wrongdoings. It was outrageous.

“You… reckless! Do you want to rebel?” Iaquinta was a little scared by the situation.

At this moment, streaks of powerful presence rose from the campsites of Juventus, Barcelona, and the Holy Church. The masters from these three forces flew into the air.

“What is going on?” Red-Robed Bishop Rosario questioned in an overbearing tone.

Iaquinta quickly replied, instigating the situation and saying that people like Johnson wanted to rebel.

Masters such as Fellaini argued back, and the other masters who were straightforward also expressed their displeasure with the Holy Church.

“Ok, I understand everything now.” Rosario nodded.

This prestigious and haughty red-robed bishop glanced at everyone’s face with his sharp eyes and released a dominating aura. The terrifying pressure made everyone feel the existence of a god, and they became fearful subconsciously. The difference in strength was huge! As a result, these masters of various empires didn’t dare to look back at Rosario.

Seeing this, Rosario nodded in satisfaction and said slowly, “We aren’t fighting right now. It isn’t because we are afraid of battle, and it also isn’t because we want to use you and deplete your forces. Instead, this first wave of attack is only a test from the Goblin Empire. Soon, more powerful goblins are going to attack us. The Holy Church and the two big empires need to rest well and battle with the real enemies.”

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