Chapter 1161: An Empty Campsite (Part One)

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“Who knows if what you are saying isn’t false? Even if it is true, it is unacceptable for Iaquinta to kill my soldiers of Sunderland!” Johnson was filled with hatred, and he questioned without holding back.

Rosario looked over, and the terrifying murderous spirit in his eyes emitted an invisible force.

Johnson instantly puked out a mouthful of blood as if he was severely injured, and his body shivered in the sky.

“You…” Johnson looked back with anger in his eyes.

“This strike is for your distrust in the Holy Church,” Rosario sounded overbearing. “Iaquinta is in the wrong for killing our human peers, so I will punish him. Now, everyone needs to instantly retreat to your position and battle. I will send forces of the Holy Church to reinforce you. However, anyone who dares to challenge the prestige of the Holy Church will be killed!”

The situation instantly became intense and heated.

Except for Johnson who was still extremely displeased, the commanders of other empires quickly talked among themselves and went back to their positions under the dominating power of the Holy Church.

Johnson was injured by Rosario, so he couldn’t battle. Also, the troop of the Sunderland Empire had less than 100 soldiers left, and they were alone in the Southern Region. In the end, the Everton Empire temporarily took them in.

The battle continued.

As time passed by, the humans and the goblins battled with many lives lost at every second. The battleground seemed like a giant deadly mill of lives.

Although the death of every human soldier was accompanied with the deaths of more than 20 goblin soldiers, the goblin military was slowly obtaining the advantage.

The Holy Church did send about 1,000 priests to various campsites to heal the injured soldiers.

However, other reinforcements that Rosario talked about didn’t come at all! It was the evening already!

On the other hand, many goblin zeppelins that were struck down and the arrested goblin engineers and masters were all forcefully taken by the masters of Barcelona and Juventus with the excuse that all spoils of war had to be counted and fairly distributed later.

The Everton Empire faced the worst situation. None of the priests came to its campsite, and it was burdened with the defense of many other areas. The more powerful troops around this troop of Everton were moved away by the Holy Church with various excuses, and Evertonians faced immense pressure with many casualties.

When the sky turned dark, the defense line at the campsite of Everton was in dire danger with many Evertonian soldiers killed.

“These b*stards! It is my bad. It is me who burdened you all. That Rosario is a bad egg. He must be hostile toward Everton since you kept me…”

Johnson was enraged and filled with hatred, and he said apologetically while standing up staggeringly and puking blood.

“We should have followed Queen Elena of the Northern Region Empire and headed toward the City of Iduna. It is too bad…”

Seeing his soldiers dying left and right, Commander Fellaini of Everton was filled with regret. He changed his mind at the last moment and decided to come with the troop of the Holy Church, putting themselves in such a situation.

The Holy Church’s behavior was chilling in others’ eyes.

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