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Hail the King Chapter 1161.2

Chapter 1161: An Empty Campsite (Part Two)

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“No, I have to question Rosario about this. The worst-case scenario is that I will die. I can’t delay this.” Johnson used the last bit of remaining warrior energy in his body by force, and he was about to walk toward the campsite in the center.

“Don’t be impulsive. If you do this, Rosario will find an excuse and kill you!” Fellaini was shocked, and he tried to stop Johnson.

“There is no time for that. My troop is completely gone, and I’m too ashamed to return to Sunderland and face their loved ones. If my death can make the commanders of other empires see the true side of the Holy Church, I’m willing to do so.”

While saying that, Johnson pushed away Fellaini and turned into a beam of light, dashing toward the campsite of the Holy Church.

Fellaini couldn’t block Johnson, but he was still worried about the latter’s safety. Therefore, he quickly called over the Deputy Commander and made some arrangements. Then, he connected with a few masters of other empires and all headed toward the campsite of the Holy Church.

They quickly discussed the situation. If Red-Robed Bishop Rosario wanted to kill Johnson, they could still try to talk for him and save his life.

While feeling nervous, this group of people arrived before the campsite of the Holy Church. However, they were surprised to find that only a few magic traps and automatic defense magic arrays were active. Energy flames burned around this campsite, but no guards or godly knights could be seen.

“What is going on?” Masters like Fellaini were surprised.

For some reason, this campsite felt empty.

“How come the defense of the Holy Church is so loose?”

“What happened here?”

Everyone got a bad feeling about this.

They quickly rushed into this campsite, and they found that this campsite was completely empty!

No priests or godly knights could be seen, and even warhorses and other mounts couldn’t be spotted. There were only empty tents remaining.

“F*ck! All the members of the Holy Church escaped! We were tricked! Quickly…”

A tent further away opened, and Johnson rushed out with anger on his face.

Seeing Fellaini and others, he shouted, “No one is here! Not only the campsite of the Holy Church, but the campsite of Barcelona and the campsite of Juventus are also empty…”

“What?” Fellaini quickly walked over to hold onto Johnson and help the latter stand straight, and he asked in disbelief.

“The fluctuations of spatial magic teleportation arrays could still be detected in these campsites. These cowards, bstards, and btches! They did treat us as cannon fodder! They forced us to fight with the goblins, yet they escaped. Damn it! I knew that these b*stards are ill-intentioned…”

Johnson was so angry that his body shivered.

“What? Such a thing?”

“How can they do something so shameless?”

“These shameless b*stards! They escaped with the spoils of war!”

“The Holy Church obtained the goblin technology and the creation method of various war machines! These are all earned by our warriors who bled on the battlefield! Damn it!”

“Damn it! What should we do?”

“Finished! We are finished! Without gods supporting us, we can’t escape…”

No one expected such a thing to occur. The Holy Church, the Barcelona Empire, and the Juventus Empire… these three core forces were resting, and they promised that they would reinforce the other empires, but they escaped with all their soldiers after seeing that the situation was dire.

These smaller empires were used as tools, and they just didn’t know it before.

While everyone was extremely angry, something unexpected happened.

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