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Hail the King Chapter 1162.1

Chapter 1162: Saint Spiritual Killing Array? (Part One)

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Streaks of murderous magic energy suddenly shot into the air from the empty campsites of the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus before dashing toward the location where everyone was standing.

This force was terrifying!

Even supreme masters such as Fellaini felt the extreme danger at this moment. They felt that their skin was in pain as if their bodies were going to explode.

“What is going on?”

“Damn it! It is a trap? We are trapped inside a killing array!”

“The b*stards of the Holy Church! They set up traps! They are worried that their crimes will be revealed by us! They are trying to kill us all!”

“Despicable! They ditched us in this desperate situation, yet they created this powerful killing array to murder us! They are afraid that we might survive and spread the news about their shameless retreat on the continent!”

“What is going on? Guys, check this out! Something doesn’t seem right. The property of the energy coming out of these three empty campsites isn’t aligned with the holy power…”

“This… this… this is one of the killing arrays of the Northern Region Empire!”

“That is right. This is actually the Saint Spiritual Killing Array! In the legends, Human Emperor Alexander of the North set up this array to exterminate the Undead Creature Catastrophe!”

The sudden change in the area completely trapped the supreme masters of various empires.

The streaks of terrifying murderous energy coming from all three sides locked down every inch of space around these people. They couldn’t escape, and the energy coming toward them made their skin crack like a dry riverbed as blood flowed out.

The aura of this array confused these supreme masters.

“Why is this the Human Emperor of the North’s Saint Spiritual Killing Array?” While Johnson tried to unleash his energy to block the murderous spirit of this array, he asked in confusion, “Why does he want to kill us?”

“No! This isn’t the Saint Spiritual Killing Array that the Human Emperor of the North has!” After observing in calmness for a while, Fellaini discovered something and shouted, “Guys, don’t be fooled! In the legends, the Saint Spiritual Killing Array that the Human Emperor of the North created is the perfect counter for undead creatures from Hell. It contains the most righteous energy in the world and only harms undead creatures. It shouldn’t be this destructive toward living beings, and we shouldn’t feel this intense murderous spirit.”

Fellaini’s words woke everyone up from their shock. They all observed and discovered discrepancies.

This killing array looked extremely similar to the Saint Spiritual Killing Array that the Human Emperor of the North created, but it was only close in terms of appearance. The intense murderous spirit and the unhidden desire to kill made it clear that this wasn’t the Saint Spiritual Killing Array.

“We shouldn’t think about that. We are now trapped in here! We should try to get out first!” someone suggested in a panic.

“It is tough. All directions are blocked off. How can we get out?”

“What should we do? We can’t last long. This array is terrifying! Our soldiers outside lost our commands, and I’m afraid that they can’t last long. We must find a way! If time is delayed, everything will be doomed!”

Seeing the soldiers of various empires who were still battling on the exterior and suffering many casualties, many supreme masters grew anxious.

“I understand it now!” Johnson suddenly realized something, and he said while gritting his teeth, “The Saint Spiritual Killing Array of the Human Emperor of the North is similar to the holy arrays of the Holy Church. I’m sure that Rosario and others set up this trap! Such a vicious tactic! Not only do they want to kill us, but they also want to blame everything on the Northern Region Empire…”

People like Fellaini instantly understood it. “Oh! Damn! I was wondering why…”

“Damn it! The Holy Church!” These supreme masters were so angry that they almost shattered their teeth due to clenching. “These people are vicious! To achieve their goal, they are despicable and willing to resort to any strategy!”

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