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Hail the King Chapter 1162.2

Chapter 1162: Saint Spiritual Killing Array? (Part Two)

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“We have to come up with something! We have to survive! We can’t let this vicious tactic of the Holy Church be realized! Otherwise, if the Holy Church places the blame on the Northern Region Empire, the remaining empires in the Western Region and the Eastern Region would be used by the Holy Church and wage wars against the Northern Region Empire. By then, the Holy Church will be the biggest winner of all!”

“But how can we get out? We can’t break out of a killing array that a god-level priest created.”

“Guys, even if we die here today, we have to leave clues! We need the people who come here and inspect our corpses to know about the truth!”

“That is right! Even if we die, we have to reveal the conspiracy of the Holy Church!”

People like Fellaini were severely injured. Under the suppression of the energy of this killing array that was fast approaching, their bodies cracked, and Johnson who was already injured couldn’t live anymore.

“Damn it! I will risk it! If I can create a thin crack in this array, you guys need to escape as fast as you can.”

Johnson ignited his core energy and experienced a moment of terminal lucidity. His strength and aura instantly went back to his prime, and he broke free from the suppression and dashed toward the energy of the killing array that was getting closer and closer.

This man was going to self-detonate and explode! He wanted to use the power of this explosion to break the killing array. Even if he could stop the array from operating perfectly for a split second and create some thin cracks, supreme masters like Fellaini might be able to get out.


Johnson emitted radiating flames as he dashed into the terrifying energy flames of the killing array. As if a giant rock was dropped into a relatively peaceful pond, huge ripples appeared and caused a series of chain reactions.

“Everyone, please! You have to let the Sunderland Empire know about the truth!” Johnson roared in the last moment of his life.

The powerful explosion distorted the space, and the energy flames of the killing array quickly flashed. Streaks of chaotic energy appeared, and it seemed like cracks were about to appear on the screen of light. However, the power of the explosion was just a bit off the threshold, and the killing array was still intact.

Supreme masters like Fellaini concentrated and tried to capture that potential opportunity.

However, Johnson’s self-detonation wasn’t powerful enough to destroy or damage this killing array.

When the fluttering flames of the killing array stabilized, these supreme masters still didn’t spot any opportunity to escape. Also, it seemed like Johnson’s explosion stimulated the killing array; the murderous spirit of this array intensified.

“We are dead…” Fellaini sighed.

Everyone else felt as if mountains were dropped on their bodies; they couldn’t even fight back at all.

These people could only close their eyes and wait for death with hatred and reluctance.

“I’m so bitter!”

“Tragedy! Our death is just the thing that the Holy Church needs to stir up conflicts on the continent…”

All these supreme masters were resentful.

At this moment, something unexpected occurred.


As a loud explosion sounded, the terrifying energy flames of this killing array suddenly started to blink.

Next, the murderous spirit of this array dropped without warning.

The screen of light that trapped all the supreme masters here started to ripple unwillingly, and a pair of slender and white hands penetrated the screen and tore it open in the center as if the hands were tearing a piece of paper.

The killing array was completely shattered!

A black-haired young man in white slowly walked out of the void with a calm expression, and the chaotic and violent energy waves in the area that could destroy supreme masters couldn’t even flutter this handsome young man’s hair.

Behind this man, a figure slowly appeared.

This figure was Johnson, the commander of Sunderland who was supposed to be dead from the self-detonation.

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