Chapter 1163: The Invisible Troop (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a 4-parter.]

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This youngest and most talented supreme master of the Sunderland Empire was engulfed in a layer of golden energy flames, and his heavy injuries were healing at a shocking speed.

“What is going on?”

People like Fellaini opened their eyes wide and couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

“The killing array that easily trapped more than ten supreme masters was easily destroyed by this young man? Also, Johnson who burned all of his core energy came back to life?”

“Who is this young man?” the supreme masters looked at each other in shock.

“You are…” Seeing this young man’s handsome face, the signature plain white robe, and the pair of bright eyes that seemed to contain the vicissitude of the universe, a lightbulb lit up in Fellaini’s mind.

He gasped, “You are… Human Emperor Alexander of the North? His Majesty?”

People like Fellaini had never seen the Human Emperor of the North before, but what just happened and the shocking strength that this gentle and calm young man showed were stunning! Who could it be other than the Human Emperor of the North?

“The real Human Emperor of the North?”

“We are saved?”

The commanders of the troops from various empires were all supreme masters, and they quickly reacted and gasped.

They all had honor and supreme status, and they were legends in their empires. Even though they had seen a lot, they couldn’t help but feel anxious yet joyous at the sight of this man who was even younger than them.

The famous people are renowned for a reason.

Only such a man could take the name of the Human Emperor of the North!

Fei nodded and revealed his identity.

“Your Majesty, thank you for saving our lives.” Masters like Fellaini single-kneeled and expressed their gratitude.

Fei was the lord of a major region and the emperor of an empire, and these masters were subjects of other empires. From the perspective of status, it was fair for them to single-kneel toward Fei.

“Guys, please stand up.” Fei reached out his hand, and a streak of indefensible force appeared, helping them to stand up. Then, he said with a smile, “I already figured out what happened here. We don’t need to talk much now that we are on the battlefield. How about I talk to heroes like you after we defeat the goblin military?”

While saying that, streaks of golden energy flew out of Fei’s hands and injected into these masters’ bodies. The injuries on their bodies that were created by the murderous suppression of the killing array of the Holy Church instantly healed.

Masters like Fellaini felt like they were bathed in the gentle breeze of spring. They all went back to their prime!

“We are willing to listen to Your Majesty’s orders!”

With Fei’s help, the situation on the battlefield was instantly reversed.

In less than two hours, the troops of the last nine empires that had less than 200,000 soldiers left obtained the advantage, destroying the goblin soldiers in the area.

Many golden and silver sword energies of order flew out of Fei’s hands, looking like beautiful miracles.

In just a few seconds, all the goblin supreme masters and goblin gods who were looking down at these humans with preying eyes were wiped out.

The goblin gods who were killed in the sky couldn’t even unleash their core energies in time. Their energies were all absorbed and refined by Fei.

Without being held back by these powerful goblin masters, people like Fellaini who recovered their strength stomped over the goblins like dragons. Leading their troops, these commanders vented their anger and frustration, killing as many goblins as they could.

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