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Hail the King Chapter 1163.2

Chapter 1163: The Invisible Troop (Part Two)

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The one-sided defeat made these evil and green-skinned creatures who disregarded their own lives feel fear, and they all scattered and ran in different directions.

With the Human Emperor of the North sitting in the center campsite, every human on the battlefield felt like their backs were secure.

With only this one person, he brought everyone a stronger sense of security compared to the 300,000 elite soldiers of the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus.

While fighting the enemies, Fellaini turned around and looked at the center of the campsite while complex emotions flooded his mind.

“Only a heroic ruler like the Human Emperor of the North has the courage and strength to rival the Holy Church. Any empire with an unparalleled and charismatic lord like the Human Emperor of the North could be confident and heroic in anything they do.”

“If the Everton Empire has an emperor like Alexander, would trash like Rosario bully us again and again?”

“Back on Bali Island, just the Queen of the Northern Region Empire made Rosario and his henchmen feel ashamed!”

“The soldiers and commanders of the Northern Region Empire were feeling so confident and brave!”

“In comparison, our southern expedition is filled with frustration!”

“We thought that by compromising, the Holy Church would let us live. Now looking back, how naïve were we? If the Human Emperor of the North didn’t suddenly appear, commanders like us would have been turned into meat pies! The 200,000 soldiers would have turned into those goblins’ food!”

Under the nightly sky that was filled with brilliant stars, Fellaini suddenly made a decision with flames of war burning around him.

At the same time, everyone was shocked to find that the victory came so easily! They defeated the goblins that seemed invincible a moment ago.

It was a huge difference! What changed?

Everyone looked back at the center of the campsite and thought, “The answer lies within that incredible figure in the center! The Human Emperor of the North!”

After making the decision, the expeditionary troop that was heading toward the City of Iduna began their journey as soon as the sky turned bright.

Commander Gerard of Liverpool and Commander Kompany of Manchester City led close to 100,000 soldiers in the front as the vanguard troop, and Shaarawy and Cassano each led a group of soldiers, flanking the two sides. Commander Ramos of Madrid sat back and covered the rear, and Valkyrie Elena led the core troop of the Northern Region Empire and moved in the center with godly archer troop of the Elf Clan and the unique troop of the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance.

At the same time, many scouts were spread into the area to monitor the situation. At the fastest speed, the expeditionary troop moved toward the City of Iduna!

After that great battle earlier, no large-scale battle took place along the way even though small goblin troops never stopped harassing them.

No one dared to drop their guards.

A tense and nervous atmosphere engulfed the expeditionary troop.

Everyone knew that despite the calm appearance, a terrifying battle might be brewing and probably would come out of nowhere!

Everything that they saw and the tragedies that took place in human cities added to the expeditionary troop ’s hatred toward the goblins. The hatred already couldn’t be described!

If the information about the treatment of humans in the Southern Region by the goblins were to spread, humans and goblins were going to become mortal enemies!

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    The church and goblins could become good buddies. The are equally despicable.

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