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Hail the King Chapter 1164.1

Chapter 1164: Secret Meeting (Part One)

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-Bali Island, the Campsite of the Holy Church, the Central Tent-

“Are you sure that nothing is strange?” Red-Robed Bishop Rosario looked unprecedentedly serious, and he glanced at Iaquinta and Alaba.

“Sir, don’t worry. I already checked everything in detail. Nothing is wrong; everything is going smoothly.” With a flattering expression, Iaquinta quickly said that, trying to get more credit.

Rosario didn’t reply; he didn’t even look at Iaquinta. Instead, his eyes were glued on Alaba of Barcelona.

Alaba nodded and said with respect, “Sir, I carefully checked and cross-referenced everything. Nothing is off. Also, there is no sign of a battle within 10,000 kilometers. All the corpses in the killing arrays are spot on. In terms of numbers and energy attributes, everything is aligned.”

Hearing this, the Red-Robed Bishop heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. Then, he said with a smile, “Great! Two generals, thanks for the hard work. After we return to Sicily Island, Holiness Blatter and Holiness Platini will greatly reward you. Now, you two can go and rest.”

The two supreme masters exited the tent with respect.

Then, Iaquinta glanced at Alaba beside him with a smile, but a trace of jealousy and viciousness appeared.

Even a fool could tell from Red-Robed Bishop Rosario’s behavior that the latter had more trust in Alaba. As a result, Iaquinta was greatly displeased, and he became a little murderous.

How great was Alaba? Of course, he saw this as well, but he didn’t show anything on his face.

However, something else took place, and these two supreme masters both didn’t notice.

As soon as they turned around and left, two silver light dots flew out of Red-Robed Bishop Rosario’s fingertips that were pointing at the ground, and they flew into the two supreme masters’ bodies.

Seeing that these two people exited the tent, Rosario who had a smile on his face suddenly turned serious.

He released his spirit energy and covered an area within five kilometers of the central tent. After carefully inspecting the area and making sure that no powerful existence was monitoring him, he ordered the godly knights who were guarding the gate not to let anyone come in, and he set up powerful illusion arrays and killing arrays in the tent.

Then, this man tore open space in front of him and dashed into the void, completely disappearing.

“You came?”

In the endless void where space and time were in chaos, a mass of eye-piercing green energy flames emitted waves of spirit energy fluctuations.

The power hidden in this mass of flames was so great that even true gods would feel insignificant like an ant before it.

In the next moment, a silver light flashed by.

Rosario appeared in the dark void, and he carefully observed this mass of burning green flames for a while. Then, he nodded and said, “I came. Everything is going smoothly and according to plan.”

“Hahaha! Does that mean we will soon get a lot of fresh material and food? Then, we will redeem our glory from 1,000 years ago soon?” the mass of blazing green energy flames let out a series of laughter of excitement.

“Don’t be careless. I want to know how everything is going with the expeditionary troop of the Northern Region Empire.” Rosario frowned and reminded, “No mistake can be made on this issue! Otherwise, it will place obstacles in our way! If Holiness Platini gets angry, not even you could bear it.”

The power of this mass of green flames was many times beyond that of Rosario; it could easily kill this red-robed bishop with a thought.

However, the relationship between them was strange. Their status wasn’t aligned with their strength. Instead, when Rosario talked, it sounded like he was superior.

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