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Hail the King Chapter 1164.2

Chapter 1164: Secret Meeting (Part Two)

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“Humph! How can we, the great goblins, not complete the mission that Master set?” The mass of blazing green flames didn’t get angry due to Rosario’s tone. After a slight pause, it roared and laughed habitually, “Haha! Don’t worry! In less than four days, the expeditionary troop of the Northern Region Empire will become a pile of bones full of bite marks, just like those human soldiers that you betrayed!”

Rosario’s expression changed color, and he shouted, “What? In less than four days? What? Four days have already passed, yet the expeditionary troop made of the Northern Region Empire, the Elf Empire, and the Gnome-Dwarf Alliance is still not destroyed? Did you forget? You promised Holiness Platini that you will send the most powerful force to wipe out this expeditionary troop in three days!”

The mass of green flames was silence. After a while, its arrogant tone turned helpless as it explained, “Alright, it isn’t that the Goblin Empire isn’t doing work. Something unexpected took place. The strength of the Queen of the Northern Region Empire is far beyond our estimates. As of about an hour ago, more than 30 goblin gods have already died at that woman’s hands. I and my 11 peers have to guard the factory to make sure that no issues will appear; we can’t just leave and go deal with her.”

“Oh, so it is because of that woman…”

Rosario also became silent.

He clearly remembered his first encounter with that woman on Bali Island. During the ceremony, he stood on the tall altar, yet that beautiful but terrifying Valkyrie knocked him away with one arrow and almost killed him as well.

Now thinking back, he still couldn’t help but shiver. He had never been so close to death before.

That terrifying experience made Rosario realize the power of the Queen of the Northern Region Empire.

“In just a few days, more than 30 goblin gods died at her hands?! This number… the goblins didn’t slack off. It is just that the Valkyrie is too powerful!”

“Ok, since this is the case, I will report to Holiness Platini. However, you need to figure out a way to deal with this woman and wipe out this troop. Otherwise, we won’t have enough time!”

Rosario didn’t accuse this mass of green flames of anything, and he even spoke for it. This was a rare thing to see.

“Ok, I will try to give Holiness Platini a good answer. However, I hope that you can find a way to delay that old b*stard Maradona. Otherwise, once we send a few of us to deal with the Queen of the Northern Region Empire, that old fart might discover the factory.”

After saying that, this mass of blazing green flames slightly blinked. After emitting strong light, it instantly disappeared in the dark void.

Rosario didn’t stay here for too long. He also tore open space and disappeared.

-Less than 100,000 kilometers away from the City of Allianz of Munich-

After moving forward quickly for close to two days, the expeditionary troop made of empires such as Everton set up a temporary campsite in the Ruhr Mountain Range, getting ready to enter the city.

According to the original plan, the goal of the expeditionary troop was to coordinate with the humans in the Southern Region and defeat the Goblin Empire.

Now, it seemed like it would be great if these two troops could get to the City of Iduna and the City of Allianz.

Humans had to re-evaluate the goblins. Perhaps the worst-case scenario was to build super-long-distance teleportation arrays and open safe paths to move all the humans in the Southern Region to other regions, accepting the fact that humans were crushed in the Southern Region.

Of course, before that, humans had to put up a last-ditch effort.

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