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Hail the King Chapter 1165.1

Chapter 1165: Killing A Godly King (Part One)

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Under the protection of Fei, close to 200,000 soldiers in the alliance who were from empires such as Everton and had survived the recent tragedy went on a smooth journey. Without running into a single battle, this expeditionary troop arrived at the Southern Ruhr Mountain Range, only less than 5,000 kilometers away from the City of Allianz, the Capital of Munich.

In the eyes of the goblins and the Holy Church, this troop was already eliminated and wiped out.

On the second day, people like Fellaini thought that the Human Emperor of the North would lead the troop into the City of Allianz and join the other humans.

However, under Fei’s plan, the troop stayed in the Southern Ruhr Mountain Range and stopped moving toward the City of Allianz.

Although they were surprised, people like Fellaini and Johnson already greatly admired Fei, so they didn’t object to his plan. They listened to Fei’s words without a fuss.

The troop camped in the forest and was engulfed in Fei’s godly power. There was no way that it would be exposed.

Since food supply wasn’t an issue, these people started to enjoy the scenery in the Southern Region as if they were on a trip, and they performed military exercises daily, thinking of ways to deal with the goblin military. While training and practicing the strategies that could be used to save the City of Allianz, these people seemed more relaxed than before.

At the same time, the other expeditionary troop under the leadership of Valkyrie Elena advanced forward.

This expeditionary troop moved toward the City of Iduna without stopping! In these two days, they killed many goblin masters and defeated many goblin troops. With a dominating momentum, they dashed toward the last line of defense of the Empires Alliance led by Ormond.

During this time, Valkyrie Elena’s name shined brightly and shocked the entire continent like a giant shooting star in the dark sky. She killed more than 30 goblin gods, and her track record was stunning.

This queen who wasn’t that famous before made many people fearful and concerned, and even more people were excited and worshipped her. People tried to get as much information on the background of the Valkyrie as possible, but everything about her seemed like a mystery.

All information showed that the Valkyrie accompanied Human Emperor Alexander of the North since he started to show signs of power. Although this woman demonstrated her strength a few times, she was low-profile in most cases.

The power and dominance of the Human Emperor of the North covered the light of his queens.

Now that the Human Emperor of the North disappeared from the public eye for a while, the Valkyrie who was now battling the goblins finally garnished the level of fame that was proportionate to her strength.

Beauty! Nobility! Power! Mystery!

These were all the words that represented the Valkyrie.

This unparalleled and gorgeous queen piqued the interest of everyone on the continent.

At the same time, people started to ask questions.

“Similar to this Valkyrie, how many powerful and mysterious masters of the Northern Region Empire are there? The Human Emperor of the North’s brilliance was so bright that no one else was in the spotlight!”

“If there is only one such figure, Valkyrie Elena, then everything is still acceptable. However, if there are multiple figures like this woman, the enemies of the Northern Region Empire will have nightmares!”

“In fact, just this Valkyrie alone is enough to make many enemies of the Northern Region Empire have nightmares!”

Under the watch of the entire continent, this expeditionary troop quickly advanced forward with an unstoppable momentum! It was crazy!

Finally, on the Westphalia Grassland which was less than 10,000 kilometers from the City of Iduna, the expeditionary troop faced the craziest attack from the Goblin Empire.

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  1. Bystander

    You guys find it strange that the two remaining empire in southern region is still holding this long and Elena already killed 30 gods on the way.

    • I would if this was reality and not a shoddily written web-novel 😛

      Then again, the author could surprise me and make this all be a conspiracy of the church, who hid the information of the fall to lure in enemies.

      The real question is why the church bothered kidnapping goblin engineers for the technology when it seems like they’re already sharing the same bed and the goblins are supposedly subordinate?

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