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Hail the King Chapter 1165.2

Chapter 1165: Killing A Godly King (Part Two)

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In this battle, more than five million goblins joined the fight.

Goblins completely filled the grassland, and they were rushing toward the expeditionary troop. There were cannon fodder goblins, ordinary goblins, goblin warriors, king-level goblins, and emperor-level goblins. There weren’t any formations, and no tactics were used. The roars and shouts of goblins resonated in the sky and overpowered all other sounds, and it seemed like goblins were endless. This was the goblin sea attack! The most primitive and the most vicious attack!

The expeditionary troop was forced into a defensive position in the center of the grassland. With the help of the mage legion of the Northern Region Empire, the troop set up defense mechanisms around the campsite, creating many firm and stable magic defense arrays.

Under Valkyrie Elena’s lead, human supreme masters such as Gerard, Kompany, and Ramos as well as the elf, gnome, and dwarf masters such as White-Tiger Priestess Susanna all battled on the frontline, facing off against the top-tier masters of the Goblin Empire.

This battle was the most dangerous one that the expeditionary troop had encountered since it entered the Southern Region! That was because a goblin godly king appeared!

If it weren’t for Valkyrie Elena who instantly noticed the sneak-attack of this goblin godly king named Bordiga and blocked it with all her power, this goblin godly king would have successfully destroyed the defensive setup of the expeditionary troop and completely changed the fate of this troop.

Although Elena discovered Bordiga’s existence, she was still pulled into a tough battle.

The appearance of this goblin godly king forced the Valkyrie to focus all her attention on the battle, and she didn’t have the energy to look after supreme masters such as Gerard and protect the campsite of the troop.

Since the goblins had more soldiers and supreme masters, the battle was tilting toward their favor as they obtained all the advantages for the first time!

Everything was moving in the direction that the goblins anticipated.

The scale of victory was tilting toward these evil, green, and ugly little creatures!

At this critical moment, something unexpected occurred.

A giant sword energy of order that was in both the silver and golden color tore open space and appeared on the battlefield.

Goblin Godly King Bordiga reacted quickly, and he completely unleashed his full strength. He turned into a mass of green light, looking like a green sun and stealing all the glories from the world. However, none of that was useful.

This godly king screamed, and he was instantly killed by the golden and silver giant sword energy of order. Such an existence died, and all his essence was absorbed.

At the same time, the more than 50 goblin gods who were on the battleground also couldn’t escape their demise. They were only slightly touched by this sword energy of order, yet they lost all ability to fight back. They all turned into dust, and their godly essences and understandings of the laws of nature were taken by force.

Like a godly dragon, the golden and silver sword energy of order flashed by and disappeared.

“It is the Human Emperor of the North!”

“It is the golden and silver giant sword energy of order that only the Human Emperor of the North can use!”

“Terrifying! Is this sword energy cast from the Northern Region? It moved across an entire region and killed a godly king?”

The war was completely changed due to the appearance of the golden and silver giant sword energy of order.

Before this powerful sword energy, people like Gerard felt like they were ants in front of a god. If this sword energy were from their enemy, they would have been turned into dust!

“Is this the power of the Human Emperor of the North?”


“Killing a godly king from tens of millions of kilometers away. How powerful is the Human Emperor of the North?”

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