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Hail the King Chapter 1166.1

Chapter 1166: Meeting (Part One)

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Due to the interference of the Human Emperor of the North, the plan that the Goblin Empire carefully created became a complete failure!

The demise of the top-tier goblin masters instantly made the huge difference in the numbers of low-level soldiers irrelevant. Without being harassed by goblin gods, people like the Valkyrie, Gerard, and Kompany all started to show their supreme power and destroyed the goblin troops.

After this battle, the Goblin Empire couldn’t organize any attack that could pose threats to the expeditionary troop.

This expeditionary troop moved forward as fast as lightning, and it successfully arrived at the City of Iduna.

The City of Iduna had been surrounded by the goblins for more than half a year, and the city wall was like a border. Inside the city wall were humans who were being tortured by fear, and outside the city wall were many goblin soldiers and ordinary goblins that were looking for food.

Like endless green and poisonous seawater, the goblins surrounded this giant human city in the Southern Region. This last line of defense for humans looked like a lonely island on a giant ocean!

Of course, the entry into the city was accompanied by another bloody battle.

The Ormondians and the other people in the City of Iduna had been prepared. Under the command of the highest-level military official, Götze, the humans in the Southern Region had a splendid battle, and the battle ended with the reinforcements successfully entering the city.

At the same time, word of the Battle on the Westphalia Grassland was spread around the continent through many different methods.

The most shocking was the Human Emperor of the North’s golden and silver sword energy of order! That stunning sword energy appeared out of nowhere and instantly killed a goblin godly king!

In fact, as soon as this news got around, the entire Azeroth Continent fell into a state of silence and disbelief!

This was terrifying and enormously impactful!

While many people were shocked, they continued to think and make guesses. If the story wasn’t exaggerated, then Human Emperor Alexander of the North was at least a godly king as well! After all, only a godly king could kill another godly king!

Besides, from the many documents and all the descriptions of the incident from the soldiers who were in that battle, people learned that the Human Emperor of the North didn’t show himself! He only cast that sword energy from far away and instantly killed Goblin Godly King Bordiga! It showed that the Human Emperor of the North wasn’t a low-tier godly king!


This world was slowly changing! The laws of nature were slowly transforming!

It seemed like when the barrier between mortals and gods was broken, something changed. When the situation where no gods could be seen on the Azeroth Continent changed with the appearance of the first god, it felt like a threshold in the martial system of the continent was removed. Now, more and more true gods were appearing!

God! This word wasn’t as distant and mysterious to the humans on this continent as before!

More and more human masters were moving toward the True God Realm!

Among all human masters, the Human Emperor of the North and [God’s Son] Messi of Barcelona were the most eye-catching.

Not long ago, [God’s Son] Messi of Barcelona defeated the alliance troop of [Demonic General] Mourinho and [Battle God] Ronaldo at the Love Song Hill of the Western Region. This incident shocked the entire continent! Messi showed the strength of level 9 True God Realm!

However, now with the Human Emperor of the North killing a godly king with a dominating method, it seemed like this young lord was announcing his invincibility and power! Although this man was younger, he completely outshined [God’s Son] Messi!

As time passed by, there was more and more news about human supreme masters breaking through the final threshold and becoming true gods.

More and more gods appeared on the continent during the Chaos Era!

Just as expected, masters and heroes appeared more frequently during chaotic times!

In the last 1,000 years, a god would be the most powerful existence in the world! Even Continental Martial Saint Maradona, the most powerful figure under the stars, was only a peak demi-god in legends, and he was able to stun the entire continent for close to 1,000 years!

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  1. Goldenzeal

    as much as i hate the power creep in cultivation stories like this one.
    this one actually have a decent way to expalin it away.

  2. Funnyman

    bullshit… how the f--k can the city hold up for half a year 😀

  3. Fimbulwinter

    It doesn’t actually have a wall, but a giant plot armor that disguises as a wall.

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