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Hail the King Chapter 1166.2

Chapter 1166: Meeting (Part Tw0)

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Now, even a true god couldn’t dominate the continent!

Godly King!

The Human Emperor of the North became the first godly king in the last 1,000 years on the Azeroth Continent after the Mythical Era!

Of course, some people believed that all the rumors were only fabricated stories. They firmly believed that the Battle on the Westphalia Grassland was greatly exaggerated.

After convincing themselves and analyzing the situation with false premises, they stated that many factors contributed to the fall of Goblin Godly King Bordiga, and the Human Emperor of the North’s role in this wasn’t as significant.

They thought that perhaps the Human Emperor of the North and the Queen of the Northern Region Empire worked together with many other human masters, and these people barely killed this godly king after paying a hefty price!

Otherwise, the strength of the Human Emperor of the North was too insane! It would be unheard of!

An invisible shockwave quickly dashed through the continent, and the discussions caused by the Battle on the Westphalia Grassland seemed to have quieted down on the surface.

In fact, the various forces that were keeping a close eye on the Northern Region Empire reacted to this news. It was heard that the Holy Church became nervous, and Platini, the No.1 Genius of the Holy Church and the influential figure only below Pope Blatter, personally went to Bali Island!

At the same time, Red-Robed Bishop Rosario and other commanders of empires such as Barcelona and Juventus made a joint statement. These figures who retreated to Bali Island announced to the world that the Northern Region Empire colluded with the goblins and betrayed the human race.

“This empire attacked the troop of the Holy Church and made the expeditionary troop suffer many casualties. As a result, the troops of empires such as Everton and Sunderland were completely wiped out, and more than 17 human supreme masters died. At the same time, Alaba of Barcelona and Iaquinta of Juventus also died under the sneak-attack.”

The Holy Church proved that the Northern Region Empire betrayed humans, and it summoned all human forces to conquer the Northern Region Empire.

As soon as this news got out, the entire continent was shocked.

-The Southern Region, the City of Iduna-

After the welcome ceremony, arrangements were made for the expeditionary troop to set up the campsite in the southern region of the city.

The expeditionary troop carried a ton of food and strategic resources, and all the supplies were given to the troop that was guarding the city, solving the urgent issue of shortage of supplies.

The expeditionary troop was viewed as the hero legion! Although there weren’t that many soldiers, they still brought an enormous amount of confidence to the people in the Southern Region. It was the same as the lonely traveler in the dark seeing a trace of light!

The process of handing off the resources was extremely complex.

As the head commander, Elena didn’t need to worry about such things. Some advisors and officials were responsible for this.

After setting up the campsite, Elena changed her outfit and left with two female rogues without notifying anyone.

By walking on the main street before the campsite, these three quickly disappeared into the crowds of people.

The City of Iduna was giant, and it could contain hundreds of millions of people. This city occupied a huge land area with a radius of over 500 kilometers.

This was the Capital of Ormond, the leader of the Empires Alliance in the Southern Region that could rival the powerful level 9 Munich Empire which had been around for ages.

Palaces and magic towers were everywhere, and the city wall seemed limitless.

This city was one of the centers of human civilization in the Southern Region!

Even on the Azeroth Continent, Iduna could rank within top-20 human cities in terms of size!

The invasion of goblins drove many refugees into this city. Together with the original residents of the city, there were people everywhere! Even those deserted locations in the city were now packed with tents and refugees!

After traveling in the crowds of people and making a few turns, Elena and the other two girls saw a person waiting for them with a smile.

Who could it be other than Fei?

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