Chapter 1167: Iduna – On the Verge of Collapse (Part Two)

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After that, Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm reached 30 percent, the equivalent to level 3 Godly King Realm.

Now, Fei could be counted as the No.1 Master on the Azeroth Continent!

Of course, more than 1,000 years had passed since the end of Mythical Era, and many facts that seemed obvious on the surface couldn’t be held true.

No one knew if the Holy Church, the force that had dominated the continent for more than 1,000 years, had unique hidden cards and hidden masters. Also, it was hard to tell if Continental Martial Saint Maradona, the most powerful human under the stars, was only a peak demi-god as rumors stated.

As the situation on the continent intensified, and more and more wars appeared, no one knew if some ancient masters would jump out of their tombs.

Except for meeting up with his queen and quenching his thirst, Fei also came to the City of Iduna to check out the situation at one of the two last remaining human cities in the Southern Region.

From the secret reports that the Letter Office passed to him, it seemed like the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church were going to have a heavy skirmish in the Southern Region. There were some secrets hidden in the Southern Region, and they were important pieces in the puzzle of the Holy Church’s expansion.

Fei had to make some preparations.

The four people wandered on the streets of Iduna aimlessly.

Hungry people were everywhere on the street.

After a large number of refugees rushed into the city, the goblins completely surrounded the city. As a result, there was a shortage of food. Right now, the food was tightly controlled by the local government, and the soldiers and members of the military had the priority.

The ordinary residents and those refugees who ran here to escape the war didn’t have any guarantees. They were almost all on the verge of starving to death.

“Sir, please! Show mercy! Please! I haven’t eaten anything in two days. Please give me a piece of bread. Even a bite of moldy bread is fine!” A white-haired senior lay on the ground. He was so thin that his skin wrapped around his bones, and he looked at the pedestrians with the desire to live.

“Who can give me half a loaf of bread? My woman will sleep with him for a night. You can do whatever you want to her! Look at how white her skin is…”

A man who was almost fainting due to hunger shouted on the side of a street.

Beside this man was an almost naked young woman. Her figure was somewhat alluring, and her skin was still smooth and white under the dirt. It showed that she once lived a comfortable life with abundant food and clothes. Now, she had fallen to this tragic situation.

No one knew if this man was her husband or not, but he pulled up the woman’s dress and showed her privates to the pedestrians as if he was selling an item and wanting to get a good price.

Beside these two people, many refugees were thin and yellow-skinned due to hunger. This should be the refugee area in Iduna.

All kinds of shouts could be heard in this place. There were people selling items, and women were selling themselves. In fact, there were even people selling their children and all sorts of weird things. Anything that could be of potential value was being displayed.

The war and being surrounded by goblins for a long time made the currency system in Iduna collapse.

The gold and silver coins in this place were worth less than a piece of bread.

Seeing all this, Fei gradually frowned.

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