Chapter 1168: Loud Slap (Part One)

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Elena and the two cute female rogues also became concerned.

It was hard to imagine that the situation in the City of Iduna degraded to this level.

“Yo! This chick is good. Hahaha!” a series of vicious laughter sounded from the side.

Fei and the three girls turned their heads.

It was a fatty with big ears, and he was protected by a few mean-looking warriors who seemed to be his guards. This group of people directly went against the flow of pedestrians.

Seeing them, everyone moved aside as if they saw snakes or scorpions. They were afraid of colliding with or offending this fatty.

The man who was selling that woman attracted the fatty’s attention.

The fatty turned around and started to look at the young woman with lust. It seemed like this young woman was already numb to her surroundings.

The man who was shouting saw this fatty, and he became high-spirited; he knew that a big potential client was here.

Therefore, this man pulled up this woman’s skirt and showed her round chest. This woman’s chest was taken care of. No dirt could be seen, and her skin was smooth and crystal-like, emitting faint, alluring light.

Now, this fatty’s eyes almost jumped out of his eye sockets.

The beast-like guards saw this, and they sneered viciously and dashed over. While carrying this young woman away on their shoulders, they tossed a piece of moldy bread to the man, getting ready to take off.


As if she suddenly woke up from a dream, this young woman screamed in despair. While struggling, she looked at the fatty with fear in her eyes.

Some of the pedestrians and street vendors looked at the young woman with sympathy.

This fatty was named Elton, and he had a big background; he could be counted as one of the overbearing figures in the City of Iduna. He always bullied others, and he ran several gambling and pr*stitution shops. He was quite lustful and sadistic. The women who fell into his hands were guaranteed to be going to Hell. All of them ended tragically.

In the last few months, this fatty had taken away more than a dozen women from this place, and none of them came back alive. It was heard that some of them were seen in the military pr*stitution facility, and some of their corpses filled with torture marks were seen in the piles of corpses in the southern region of the city.


One of the muscular guards slapped this woman who was struggling, almost knocking her out. He threatened, “You ignorant b*tch! We already paid your man! Now go with Mr. Elton, or you will face some tough punishments!”

“No! Please let me go… please show mercy…”

The woman was terrified, and she shook her head subconsciously while a trail of blood appeared on her face. At the same time, she looked at the pedestrians for help.

However, who dared to offend this bully?

A few days ago, a rogue warrior looked at this fatty a second too long, and his eyes were dug out before he was tortured to death.

This fatty named Elton already had a greedy and lustful smile on his face, and he was pleased with everyone’s scared reactions. He laughed, “Take her away! Quickly! I can’t wait!”

Hearing the command, one of the guards carried the woman on his shoulder and was about to take off.


At this moment, a crisp voice sounded by everyone’s ears.

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