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Hail the King Chapter 1168.2

Chapter 1168: Loud Slap (Part Two)

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“Who the f*ck is tired of living? How dare you try to…” Elton was enraged, and he turned around and cursed. However, before he finished speaking, he suddenly froze.

It was two cute girls who stood out and interrupted him.

Female Rogue Jean was angry.

She and Tanya were accompanying their big sister and brother-in-law on a walk, wanting the two to spend some alone time. However, such tragic incidents were happening in Iduna, and they ran into one.

The pedestrians all started to talk and chat.

Fei and the three girls already figured out everything, and they learned about Fatty Elton’s past crimes.

Jean and Tanya called themselves heroines, so they definitely would stand out and do this.

“Ugly Fatty, I will give you a second to put down that girl and go away with your men!”

Seeing the blatant lust in this fatty’s eyes, Jean instantly became murderous. However, she tried hard to suppress it and shouted in a cold tone.

Elton almost drooled.

Such a cute and pure female warrior redefined the word ‘beauty’ in his mind.

“There are such beauties in the world? Are they immortal maidens? Compared to these two girls, that young woman is like a pile of dirt beside two diamonds.”

When this fatty slightly moved his eyes and subconsciously looked behind these two female rogues, he saw Valkyrie Elena who was standing beside Fei, and his body softened as if he was struck by a thunderbolt.

He thought that these two female rogues were the most beautiful women in the world, but they were like maids when compared to the Valkyrie who seemed like an unparalleled princess.

Although Fei was standing next to Elena, Elton automatically ignored him.

Elton had done things such as kidnapping beautiful women and killing their men. Also, Fei was wearing a simple white robe made of rough materials, and he didn’t have anything on him that showed supreme status.

In Elton’s eyes, Fei was only an insignificant bumpkin.

“You Trash! What are you looking at? Go away right now! Or I will dig out your eyes!”

Jean almost couldn’t hold in her anger, and she clenched her fists. However, since Fei and Elena hadn’t said anything yet, she endured it a bit longer.

Hearing Jean’s shout, Elton instantly woke up from the shock. He already decided that he must have these three beautiful women. They could be the most valuable gifts that he could use to connect with those few most influential figures in the city.

“Hehe, Little Sister, I can let that woman go, but you three have to come with me. Haha!” Elton laughed and walked closer, and he reached out his hand and was about to caress Jean’s face.

“You are seeking death!” Jean couldn’t hold it in anymore, and she swung her arm and slapped Elton’s face with force.

Like a giant meatball, Elton’s body flew out and smashed into the ground, almost creating a huge human-shaped crater.

“Hiss!” a series of gasps sounded in the area.

No one expected that Fatty Elton, one of the big bullies in the northern region of the city, would be beaten by a cute girl. Also, it seemed like this cute girl was forceful, making Elton suffer in pain.

“Well deserved!” almost everyone said that in their minds.

“This is so thrilling to see!”

Seeing this bully getting punished, everyone felt the same level of thrill as eating steak!

The vicious-looking guards were stupefied at this moment. They didn’t think that anyone dared to beat Elton. When they reacted, the fatty was already sent flying.

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  1. KenochiWu

    I’m confused guys, what happen to the second Prince and the princess when his dad was being killed?

    I must have skimmed it because last I remember, most of the troops disappeared along with the prime and princess.

    • The Second Prince died in the war, and the Elder Prince and Elder Princess disappeared for now.

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