Chapter 1169: I Wanted to Slap This Nasty Guy Long Ago (Part One)

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“Damn it! Kill this b*tch for me!” The angry and shamed Elton got up from the ground, and half of his face swelled so much that it looked like an overripe peach that smashed onto the floor. Also, a clear bloody handprint could be seen on his face.

Elton howled like a pig that was being slaughtered, and those few guards who finally reacted drew their weapons and surrounded Jean with vicious expressions.

The pedestrians on the two sides of the street were frightened, and the ones who were less bold started to scream.

Such a scene had happened many times already. However, those who offended Fatty Elton all ended in tragedy.

“These two cute girls are going to end in sadness,” the pedestrians all thought to themselves.

It seemed like Jean didn’t realize that catastrophe was about to strike.

This female rogue didn’t even see the guards who were approaching as opponents. She turned around and looked at Fei and Elena. Seeing that these two didn’t try to stop her from attacking, Jean let go of her restraints.



This female rogue raised her leg and kicked out as fast as lightning. While screaming, the guard who was charging in the front spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with a few teeth while flying out.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Then, a series of kicking noises followed. Jean’s feet landed on the guards’ faces and bodies.

Throughout all this, this female rogue didn’t even use her warrior energy. She simply stretched and used her body that was filled with vitality, and her form was so beautiful that it seemed like she was dancing.

Before these few guards could figure out what was happening, their visions blurred, and they flew out. After they landed on the ground, they snorted and groaned in pain.

A series of gasps sounded in the area once more.

Now, everyone realized that this cute girl wasn’t a simple figure!

“Damn! This cute girl is so powerful! She is a master! Not a weak woman!” people thought to themselves.

“You… you just wait! I won’t let you go!” Fatty Elton was shocked by this, and he shivered while his mind cleared.

Although he wasn’t that strong, seeing this girl easily knocking down his guards who usually bullied civilians with domination, he knew that he ran into someone beyond his league.

This fatty had one strong suit; when it was his turn to act like a coward and back off, he could be the biggest coward in the world.

Although Elton always acted overbearing, he was somewhat smart. Seeing this, he didn’t dare to stay here, and he instantly turned around and left with his guards.

Soon, this group of people disappeared at the corner of the street.

“Young People, you need to leave right now! You are in trouble!” A white-haired old man walked to Fei and whispered into his ear, “This fatty is named Elton, and people call him the Crazy-Wild Boar. He is vicious and cunning. Although he is weak, his big brother, Horton, is one of the powerful masters in the City of Iduna who are resisting the goblin military. Even Head Commander Götze needs to somewhat respect Elton’s big brother…”

“Humph, scared of him? We are…” Tanya was angry, and she was about to say something, but Fei quickly winked and stopped her.

“Thank you, Senior.” Fei smiled and gave this old man two pieces of bread.

This scene instantly made others in the area look over with envy, jealousy, and hate.

None of them expected that this old man would get two pieces of bread by saying a few words.

“He is too fortunate!” Some people looked at this senior with vicious glints in their eyes. They were planning to take the two pieces of bread from this senior’s hand as soon as Fei and the three girls left.

How could Fei not know about this?

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