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Hail The King Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Aww You Can’t Kill Me Anymore

                One white cloth and one broad sword.

When the flying sparks disappeared, one man and one sword proudly stood in front of the Elder Princess.

This was a very ordinary-looking young man, not tall nor short, not fat nor skinny. He was clothed in a coarse cloth robe, a budding beard on his face, and linen colored hair gently pulled to the back of his head with a rope. If this young man was placed in the sea of people, no one would look at him twice… Of course, if one must say that there was something incredible about him, then it would be the pair of bright eyes like stars in a dark night on his face.

If someone looked at that calm yet peerlessly domineering force in his eyes, he would think that this was not a man that was standing before him, but rather … a God of War.

The long sword in his hand was very normal. It was covered with large and small cracks, and even a little rust. Even a farmer would think it was too rusty, not to mention using it to kill… But, Fei saw very clearly, that rusty sword that looked like it could break into pieces anytime, just now released an incredible sword breath, completely shutting out all attacks from these terrifyingly powerful assassins, not even letting through a trace of pressure.

An incredible performance.

This guy just quietly stood there, not saying a word, yet it was better than saying anything.

The five cold-blooded assassins were forced back, taking a five-point star formation, surrounding this young man and the Elder Princess. It was clear that they were shocked by this young man’s power, and that was why even the most cold-blooded and relentless assassin actually showed a slight shade of fear on their face, and became hesitant to strike again.

This young man, one man and one sword, was emitting the pressure of a mighty army.

He stood there, expressionless. Yet it was like an eternally insurmountable wall, shielding all the storms for the Elder Princess behind him, as if nothing in this world could hurt her again.

The scene was a bit suffocating.

The purple shadow flashed, and the unparalleled beauty purple clothed girl Ziyan returned to the Elder Princess’s side.

The situation was weirdly silent.

That young man didn’t talk, and no one actually dared to speak.

Just at this moment, suddenly –

Puff puff!

Everyone all watched in disbelief. Suddenly, the two identical blade assassins on the sides of the Elder Princess, the assassin that got shot on the back by Fei and that white clothed assassin with sharp claws, they all suddenly opened their mouth and spouted out blood, as if they encountered some hidden injury.

The only normal one was the assassin that wielded a sword.

But in the next second he suddenly felt a chill on his chest. He looked down and horrifying found out that the robe in front of his chest was cut open by the sword’s breath, revealing the white shirt underneath.

The five cold-blooded assassins’ faces all lost color.

At this moment they finally realized that during the exchange of blows earlier, that young man not only used his rotten rusty sword to block all their attacks, but also imperceptibly struck back with his sword’s breath, leaving them with hidden wounds. The injury just started acting up, and the assassins finally noticed.

As for the arrow master that hid in the crowd shooting cold arrows, his technique was way too strange. Shots were silent, no one heard the bowstring ring, and that was why there was actually no one that could find out where he was really hiding.

Just at this moment, the assassin that used the sword suddenly thought of a legend.

He suddenly felt a chill from his tailbone all the way up his spine, and asked in shock, “You… you are [One Sword]?”

When this question was asked, Fei almost could clearly hear everyone on the top of the Eastern Mountain take a deep breath, hearing the name of [One Sword] was as if hearing something incredible, and the way everyone looked at this young man also changed.

“This name sounds a little familiar… I seemed to have heard it before.” Fei slightly hesitated.

The expression on this young man’s face was still placid, and to be precise, his eyes didn’t seem to be focused at all, as if he was kind of distracted, looking at the ocean of clouds in the horizon, not caring about the five cold-blooded assassins around him at all. He didn’t even look at the sword-using assassin that asked the question, as if this elite fighter was just a wooden pole, not even qualified to enter his eyes.

After the short silence, the young man finally withdrew his sight.

Surprisingly, his eyes ultimately landed on Fei, patiently taking a few looks at Fei from up and down. His eyes were like lightning, and Fei suddenly had a feeling that he was stripped naked in front of the large crowd. That young man’s eyes contain indescribable breath of vicissitude, as if it accommodated the sun, moon, and stars, yet it seems to also be able to observe the finest details, expose all that’s concealed.

Fei knew, this was the embodiment of strength of both sides.

This ordinary-looking young man with bright eyes, his strength already reached a height that Fei could not imagine. If the two were to fight right now, even at Fei’s most powerful mode right now, he still won’t be able to take one hit from him.

“How did you know? The young man suddenly asked.

Fei hesitated for a second, and immediately understood what he meant. He’s asking how did he detect his presence earlier and yelled.

“I guessed.” Fei answered.

The young man was a little surprised for a moment.

This expression was the first expression besides calmness he had after appearing on the King’s Altar. But very quickly, he resumed his calmness, took a deep look at Fei and didn’t say anything.

Fei shrugged.

He told the truth, he did guess it.

Fei already knew that the Elder Princess was preparing for something. Plus, at that moment when she was surrounded by the assassins, the Elder Princess’s expression was way too calm. All the people around her were either panicking or worrying for this vulnerable woman, but only the Elder Princess that was in danger herself didn’t change her expression at all. She still carried a touch of a smile on her face, not even glancing at the swords and blades coming at her.

Then, there was only one possibility –

She had nothing to fear.

The Elder Princess wasn’t worried about these assassins at all; she had a way to deal with them.

Fei thought about it back and forth, and it became really simple as to why this woman had nothing to fear – there was either a piece of magical equipment on her with an incredible defense, or there was a powerful super elite hidden around her.

And that was why Fei shouted as an attempt.

Who knew, this shout actually did call out a young master that stunned everyone on the Pinnacle of the Eastern Mountain, who reversed the whole situation with his godlike sword skills just by making an appearance, instantly saving the situation at stake.

Then there was another brief silence.

“Paris, come out, I know you came here.”

With the slightly hoarse voice, the Elder Princess finally spoke. He took a little step forward and stood side by side with the young man. That pair of clear ocean blue eyes swept past the crowd as she calmly spoke, without any emotional turmoil, as if talking to an old friend.

“Hehe, Sister Tanasha, long time no see, you still look sick like usual haha!”

A sweet female voice passed out among the crowd, then a ray of silver light flashed. Everyone saw a graceful white figure appear beside the sword-using assassin. She was in a white robe with her golden hair casually draping over her shoulder, with a dewdrop-stained red rose in her hand. The contrast between the white robe and the red rose gave people a very strange feeling.

“Too bad, I did not think that sister Tanasha could actually convince the famous [One Sword], hehe. Looks like we won’t be able to kill you today now~”

The woman with the rose looked to be in her twenties. With picture-like eyebrows, an infinitely arousing deep smile on her face, the word “kill” from her mouth was much more like flirting… This was a hot woman with peerless elegance.

Princess Tanasha coldly smiled and didn’t say anything.

But Fei could clearly see the princess’s beautiful eyebrows frowning in that instant. Clearly she was very disgusted by this woman and didn’t want to say even one more word.

“Who’s this slut?”

Fei stood beside the Elder Princess and suddenly whispered to her. Although his voice was very light, but it was also clear enough to pass to the ears of the people around them. His Majesty obviously did this intentionally.

Sure enough, the word “slut” drew a smile onto the Elder Princess’s face, and that white robe red rose woman still kept her smile while she glanced at Fei, but the murderous intention hidden under the seductive smile made Fei’s heart skip a beat.

“I’m scared of you? With this pro big brother here, you can bite my little chicken chicken? (TL: Chinese slang for dick)

Seeing that the young master with a rusty sword standing not too far away, Fei suddenly felt full of confidence, quite provocatively staring at that woman. His eyes even scanned the woman’s chest for a bit with a little malicious intent, and fully showed his look of disdain – really small, B-cup max.

This light glance might have touched the sore spot of this woman named Paris, and her eyes suddenly became sharp.

Very soon, the knight captain Romain brought the 200 knights and charged up to the King’s Altar, completely surrounding the five assassins and Paris, the swords and spears are dense like the forest, flashing silver with a chilly atmosphere, all pointed towards these 6 people.

The balance of win and loss had clearly tipped to the Elder Princess’s side.

And the most important weight on this balance was naturally the ordinary young man holding the rusty sword. His superior strength allowed him to stand out like a crane among chickens, even him alone could easily kill everyone at the scene…

But don’t know why, Fei suddenly felt a bit puzzled. Is this slut named Paris retarded? Since she was about to lose, why didn’t she remain hidden but actually dared to come out to the light?

Just at this moment-

“Princess Tanasha, my promise to you has been fulfilled. See you never.”

The young man with the rusty sword suddenly opened his mouth, said something that no one understood, and before everyone can react, he already disappeared from the King’s Altar, leaving not a single trace behind… He actually left…

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