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Hail the King Chapter 1170.1

Chapter 1170: Seeing the Fatty Again (Part One)

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Two years ago, Prince Xanchua and Prince Gundogan of Ormond had been hostile towards Chambord, and the Xuan’ge of Ormond even once destroyed the ancient city wall of Chambord, causing the highest casualties in Chambord’s recent history.

That incident enraged Fei, and he killed many masters of Ormond who invaded Chambord and Zenit.

During this conflict, both parties suffered losses. Ormond lost two princes, more than ten Xuan’ge, and even Young Lord Reus died by Fei’s hand.

In comparison, Ormond suffered more losses, but it was Prince Xanchua who started everything. When tracing to the roots, Ormond was in the wrong.

Besides, the situation had completely changed. The once tiny Chambord Kingdom had come a mammoth on the continent. The Northern Region Empire was so powerful that even the Holy Church didn’t dare to fight it at will, let alone Ormond, an empire that only had the Capital City remaining.

To show his sincerity, Götze even tied up dozens of officials of Ormond who supported the hostility toward Chambord, and he brought them into the campsite. These people were all henchmen of Prince Xanchua and Prince Gundogan.

Valkyrie Elena appeared and accepted Götze’s apology.

Götze was a friend to people like Shaarawy and Cassano, and he wasn’t involved in the war with the Chambord Kingdom. Now that the perpetrators were already punished, the situation was different now.

Also, the Northern Region Empire didn’t want to give others the image of a force that held grudges for a long time and didn’t understand others. Therefore, the grudge between Chambord and Ormond was officially over.

This incident attracted the attention of everyone in the city.

Now, the newest information about the Human Emperor of the North and the Queen of the North Region Empire got spread around the City of Iduna under some people’s purposeful push, and the track record that Elena had against the goblins drew a lot of attention.

All the forces in Iduna realized the power of the troop of the Northern Region Empire.

For a moment, many people talked about the Northern Region Empire in Iduna, and people were proud if they were able to chat with a person from the Northern Region and if they had been to the Northern Region.

At the same time, the Northern Region Empire announced that it was sending a mage group to the City of Iduna to repair and strengthen the magic defense system.

Such actions instantly increased the affinity and fondness that the City of Iduna had towards the Northern Region Empire. At least the people at the bottom of the social ladder praised and thanked the Northern Region Empire.

On the third day, the temporary reinforcement group of the Northern Region Empire that set off from the Leon Military District, the military district of the Northern Region Empire that was the most southern, had arrived at the City of Iduna.

Princess Victoria, one of the influential finance ministers of the Northern Region Empire, led the team, and Milito and Palacio were the guards. This secret transport team formed by pure masters brought many magic storage items that the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory had made, each containing a ton of supplies.

At Fei’s secret instruction, the troop of the Northern Region Empire set up charitable porridge kitchens around the campsite, which was common to see in ancient China when there were a ton of refugees, providing basic porridges to the refugees at certain times during the day.

After Fei set the overarching strategy, the advisors of the expeditionary troop use their wits and came up with many tactics to win over local people’s hearts, slowly infiltrating the various classes and forces.

The Ormond Empire turned a blind eye to this.

In fact, after the various empires rushed into the City of Iduna due to the loss of their territories, and Ormond’s wealth and resources were greatly consumed by the war against the goblins, Ormond had already started to lose its grasp of the city about a month ago.

Various forces existed in the city, forming a few giant groups that fought each other in secret even though everything seemed peaceful on the surface.

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    The author remembered Victoria! I really missed here. She’s one of the most fun characters. But where is Emma? 🙁

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