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Hail the King Chapter 1171.1

Chapter 1171: The Naïve and Dull Woman (Part One)

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“Who the fck are you? A good dog won’t block people’s paths. Now, fck off! You are so ugly, yet you have the face to come out here and bring shame to yourself.”

Princess Victoria didn’t know about what happened a few days ago. She was just in the mood of shopping, yet someone blocked her way. Her mood was instantly destroyed!

Seeing that this man who blocked her way was so ugly and obscene-looking, Victoria grew even angrier. She pointed her finger and emitted the prestige of the finance minister of the Northern Region Empire while cussing at this fatty without holding back.

Fei instantly sweated profusely.

Princess Victoria’s mannerism and behavior would bring shame to the Northern Region Empire. She was the finance minister and a powerful and influential figure. However, she completely disregarded her identity and cussed on the street like a hooligan. It was fortunate that none of the people here knew who they were.

“Yo? Another hot chick? You are like a little pepper! You got a personality, and I like you! I hope that you can still cuss like this when I strip you n*ked.” Fatty Elton didn’t mind the cussing, and he observed Victoria up and down as his eyes lit up with viciousness and lust.

Elton was slightly disappointed when he didn’t see the gorgeous Valkyrie from a few days ago, but he felt like he was well-compensated with Victoria’s beauty. He didn’t feel that bad anymore.

In the last few days, Elton borrowed about a dozen masters from his big brother, and he was looking for Fei and the three girls with detectives in the area.

From Elton’s perspective, it shouldn’t be hard for him to find people in the City of Iduna.

However, as if Fei and the three girls were waterdrops that emerged back with the ocean, Elton and his henchmen looked around for several days and tried many methods, yet they didn’t find a single clue.

Helpless, Elton could only wait around the market and wait for Fei and the three girls to reappear.

Today, Elton finally got his wish granted and saw the people whom he was waiting for!

“Finally! I can take my revenge and assault these beauties!” Elton thought to himself.

He was especially excited to see Jean and Tanya again. These two female warriors attacked and shamed him. In the last few days, Elton thought of hundreds of vicious ways to torture and stain these two girls.

“Go! Arrest these b*tches for me!” Elton shouted and waved his hand, and about a dozen masters surrounded them from all sides tactically. Warrior energy flames burned around these masters, making the pedestrians in the area sense immense pressure. They all appeared to be Five-Star and Six-Star Warriors.

Then, hundreds of fully-armed soldiers rushed into the street like a flood. With weapons in their hands, these people looked murderous.

For a moment, animals jumped and screamed in the street, and pedestrians all moved away in fear.

“Yo, these people are so weak! Only little Star-Level Warriors? How dare you act tough in front of me? Haha, you brats aren’t lucky! Running into…” Princess Victoria thought to herself in amusement. Then, she turned around and looked at Fei while thinking, “Even with all the masters in the City of Iduna added together, they can’t even block a casual finger strike from this god of slaughter beside me. This fatty even dares to cause trouble. I think he is tired of living.”

Jean and Tanya were angry as well. These two didn’t have a good impression of Elton to begin with. Now seeing this man being so ignorant, they got murderous and were about to take out this man.

Suddenly, the two girls heard a voice in their ears, and they paused for a second and stopped resisting.

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