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Hail the King Chapter 1171.2

Chapter 1171: The Naïve and Dull Woman (Part Two)

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The soldiers rushed over and locked them up with magic handcuffs.

Fei didn’t resist at all as well.

“Alexander? What are you doing… Jean, Tanya… kill them! Why aren’t you fighting back? Hey! Were your heads kicked by Blacky?” Princess Victoria was stunned by this scene, and she shouted at Fei while struggling to break free.

Fei didn’t say anything and looked expressionless.

“You b*stards! How dare you to tie me up? Do you know who I am?” Princess Victoria started to cast her ‘Ultimate’. She shouted, “I’m the finance minister of the Northern Region Empire! How dare you to tie me up? Do you all want to die?”

“The finance minister of the Northern Region Empire?” The vicious soldiers instantly froze, and they didn’t dare to continue. They thought to themselves, “Damn! Are you kidding? The Northern Region Empire is a mammoth-like force on the continent. Even a beggar from the Northern Region Empire could walk around in the City of Iduna boldly, let alone the finance minister. We can’t offend her!”

“The finance minister of the Northern Region Empire?” Fatty Elton also froze for a second.

Now, no one in the City of Iduna dared to be reckless when the issues involved the Northern Region Empire.

Elton looked at Victoria and observed in detail, not daring to be reckless as he tried to see if Victoria was lying or not.

At this moment, a Four-Star Mage who was in a mage’s robe walked over and whispered something into Elton’s ears.

Then, this fatty nodded and laughed hysterically.

“Hahaha! I almost got fooled by you! How prestigious is the finance minister of the Northern Region Empire? How can a b*tch like you who lacks manners pretend to be such a figure? You have no strength! It would be better for you to pretend to be someone weaker. Besides, if the finance minister of the Northern Region Empire is out on a tour, how can there not be any guards? Ignore what she is saying! Arrest her!”

The soldiers who had been hesitant all jumped over even more fiercely, placing the magic handcuffs on the Finance Minister’s wrists.

“You…” Princess Victoria was enraged, and she jumped up and shouted, “Fatty! You are dead! You didn’t only tie me up, the finance minister! You even tied Human Emperor Alexander of the North! You tied His Majesty! Don’t you see it? That man in white is His Majesty…”

Fei was at a loss for words; he almost laughed out loud after hearing Victoria speak. This woman was extremely sensitive and talented in dealing with numbers and money, but she lacked emotional intelligence, was naïve, and seemed dull.

Just as Fei expected, it would be better for Victoria not to say anything. After hearing her words, Elton laughed as all the concerns in his mind disappeared.

As if he heard the funniest joke in the world, Elton pointed at Fei who was tied and laughed, “This little white face is the Human Emperor of the North? His Majesty? If he is, then I’m the Pope of the Holy Church! This dumb woman. Instead of pretending to be anyone else, you are trying to make him into His Majesty? Hahaha! Now, all your lies are breaking down!

“You…” Princess Victoria was enraged, and she tried to break free but couldn’t.

The proud and cute princess turned around and stared at Fei forcefully. Then, she stopped struggling.

Now that Fei was with her, she didn’t have to worry about anything.

Also, now she seemed to realize that Fei was planning something, and she wanted to know what it was.

Under all the pedestrians’ pitiful stares, Fei and the three girls were escorted away by the soldiers while Elton’s proud laughter resonated in the area.

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