Chapter 1172: Too Crazy (Part One)

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While walking on the streets in the northern city zone, the group of people approached the city center. The buildings on the two sides of the streets got taller and taller, and fewer and fewer pedestrians could be seen. Also, the environment got better and better.

More and more soldiers could be seen patrolling the area, and even the pedestrians were dressed in good clothes and had great complexions, unlike those refugees who were in ragged clothes and looked thin and starved.

This was the wealthy zone in the City of Iduna.

After walking forward for 30 minutes toward the city center, they entered the real noble zone.

The environment in this place was even better. There was a watchtower every five meters, and there was a checkpoint every ten meters. Except for the security, everywhere was clean and orderly, looking like Heaven compared to the outside zones.

Fei even saw a noble lady who was casually walking her white pet dog while dozens of maids followed.

The white pet dog devoured a big piece of fresh cold steak, a delicacy that the refugees in the outer zones didn’t even dare to dream of eating! The maids all looked at the dog enjoying the beef, and the jealousy and envy in their eyes couldn’t be hidden.

In this chaotic world, people’s lives were worthless. The low-class people’s lives weren’t even worth as much as the pet of an upper-class family.

After entering the noble zone, the soldiers stopped at the edge while the dozen masters continued to escort Fei and the three girls further in. The group followed [Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton and that Four-Star Mage, walking toward a tall palace made of greenstone.


“Greetings, Sir!”

Along the way, guards who were watching the streets all saluted at Elton.

“Oh, Felipe, quickly go and ask my big brother to come here! Tell him that I got some good stuff, and I don’t dare to keep them all to myself and want him to enjoy them first.”

After arriving at the gate of the palace, Elton thought of something, turned around, and spoke with the Four-Star Mage behind him.

“As you wish.” Mage Felipe understood Elton’s meaning, and he turned around and left.

[Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton entered the palace, and Fei and the three girls were escorted in as well.

“Hahaha! This is great! Three hot chicks!” the fatty laughed without holding back. He looked at Victoria, Jean, and Tanya with a lustful expression, and it was clear that he wanted to assault these three girls and keep them to himself. However, after thinking that these three girls were still useful, he barely suppressed his desire and waited for his big brother, Horton, to arrive.

Then, Elton landed his eyes onto Fei.

“Huh? I didn’t pay attention before. You are a handsome little white face. Haha! If you are dressed in women’s clothes, you might look nice as well!” Elton carefully observed Fei and suddenly laughed, “Normally, I would kill all men who fell into my hands. However, you… I heard that Mr. Naohiro doesn’t like beautiful women but good-looking men. If I gift you to Mr. Naohiro, hehe, he will definitely come to our side.”

“Gift? Little White Face? AHahahahahaha!” Princess Victoria almost choked on her own saliva, and she almost passed out laughing.

In the noble circle on the Azeroth Continent, there were quite a few noblemen who were into other men. Just like beautiful women, good-looking men were also rare.

Between many nobles and emperors, liking other men was no longer something shameful. Instead, they were even quite competitive about it.

It was heard that some emperors and nobles secretly collected many handsome and good-looking young men to satisfy their desires, and it was almost common.

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