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Hail the King Chapter 1172.2

Chapter 1172: Too Crazy (Part Two)

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Victoria was born in a noble family, so she had heard about such things. However, she never expected that someone would look at the dominating Human Emperor of the North in this way. This could be the biggest joke on the Azeroth Continent!


“How dare you? I will tear your mouth apart!”

Jean and Tanya heard this fatty insult their lovable brother-in-law and emperor, and they couldn’t hold back and exploded like TNT that was ignited.

While shouting, magic energy flames burned around the two girls, and they lightly stretched and broken the magic handcuffs around their wrists.

“What?” [Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton’s pupils instantly contracted.

In the next moment, this fatty sensed the powerful magic energy coming out of the two female rogues, and he saw the magic handcuffs that only Moon-Class Elites could break shatter into many pieces as if they were made from mud.

Instantly, Elton felt like he was engulfed in a layer of chilly energy, and his heart started to sink.

Seeing these two cold and pretty female rogues, everyone in the palace was shocked as if two sheep had turned into dinosaurs.

The dozen masters who were behind Elton were stunned as well!

At this moment, Tanya moved, and it seemed like a streak of red lightning flashed in the palace.

In just a split-second, the dozen masters who all had warrior energy fell onto the ground and lost their combat abilities without being able to put up a fight.

At the same time, one of Jean’s hands was covered in deadly blue ice, touching Elton’s forehead between his brows like the Blade of Judgment.

The shadow of death instantly engulfed this vicious fatty, and he was so scared that his soul almost escaped his body. He tried to struggle out of this situation and fight back, but the huge difference in strength made him unable to move his fingers.

“Let him live for now.” At this moment, a clear male voice sounded, and it was almost heavenly music to the fatty’s ears. Jean’s strike that was about to shatter Elton’s skull instantly stopped, breaking the law of physics.

The fatty instantly collapsed onto the ground while cold sweat covered his body. His legs were as soft as jelly, and he looked around. He wasn’t sure when, but the ‘Little White Face’ who he was about to give out as a gift also broke the magic handcuffs and was casually observing the architecture and decoration of the palace.

On the side, Princess Victoria was laughing so hard that she covered her stomach.

“You… you…” Elton shivered as he thought of one possibility. While he peed his pants and gritted his teeth, he looked at the proud Victoria and stuttered, “Could it be… you… what you said was true? You… you are…”

“Continue, come on, go on! Hahaha! I have been waiting for this reaction. Your expression is just right!” The proud Princess Victoria covered her stomach and said, “Continue, don’t change your expression! Haha! This is thrilling! I already told you that I’m the finance minister of the Northern Region Empire, and that little white face is the Human Emperor of the North. However, you didn’t believe me. Now what? You are surprised?”

“You… puff!” [Crazy-Wild Boar] felt like everything was too crazy. He had captured the Human Emperor of the North…

While he panicked, his legs twitched as he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

After Victoria had her fun, she stared at Fei and said, “Now, are you done acting? Are you acting like a little white face just to feel the same thrill that I did? Are you going to continue? Do you need my cooperation? Wait, you three are free now. Quickly break my handcuffs!”

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