Chapter 1173: Who Are You? (I) (Part One)

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Fei smiled and didn’t say anything. He lightly waved his hand, and the magic handcuffs on this proud and cute princess’ wrists lightly shivered before turning into dust and disappearing.

Then, Fei whispered something into Tanya’s ear, and this female rogue dashed out of the palace and disappeared.

Until now, the thousands of soldiers and guards outside the palace still hadn’t discovered the changes in the palace.

Like the owner of this palace, Fei walked around and enjoyed the delicate murals on the walls.

This palace was decorated in a fancy style, and almost everything was golden or made of jade. Before the main seat, there was a smooth and shiny green jade table, and on it were all kinds of delicacies and liquors. It was clear that this fancy meal was just prepared, and it was quite luxurious.

Such a scene didn’t fit the dire situation that the City of Iduna was in, which lacked food and drinkable water, clearly reflecting the status and prestige of the owner of the palace.

Fei sat down, and Jean came over to pour him a cup of liquor.

Fei didn’t look anxious or impatient at all. He seemed to be waiting for something.

While looking like the owner, he closed his eyes and started to enjoy all the stuff that was on the table.

Seeing this, Victoria giggled and sat down next to Fei without thinking much. Then, she grabbed onto the delicacies on the jade table and drank the liquor, devouring the food and ignoring her image.

It seemed like this proud and cute girl just got hungry after wandering on the streets.

About ten minutes later, a series of clear footsteps sounded outside the palace.

“Haha! Elton, you did good! I heard that you got some top-quality stuff? Is it true?” a series of loud and wild yells sounded outside the palace.

Then, a middle-aged tough man walked in from the outside in big steps as an impatient smile shined on his face. He was muscular, looked ugly with buck teeth and thick lips, and had red messy short hair.

Behind this man was the Four-Star Mage named Felipe who just left earlier.

“Huh? Elton… what is going on? Who are you?”

The ugly, muscular, and middle-aged man was quite aware of his surroundings. As soon as he stepped into the palace, he noticed that something wasn’t right. After a quick glance, he saw Elton and the dozen masters who had collapsed onto the ground. Then, his pupils instantly contracted, and a streak of powerful presence rose. He unleashed powerful pressure and engulfed the entire palace. After doing that, he stared at Fei with his sharp, blade-like eyes.

“You guys!” Four-Star Mage Felipe was shocked as he instantly recognized Fei and the two girls.

Then, this man quickly walked over to the muscular, middle-aged man before whispering something.

“Tell me, who are you?” After understanding what happened before, the middle-aged man was slightly surprised, but he quickly calmed down.

A mocking smile appeared on this man’s face, and he looked at Fei as he said with curiosity, “You dare to play tricks in front of me, Horton? It seems like you are quite confident. Young Man, I appreciate your courage. Today, I will make an exception and let you speak. Tell me about your background.”

Horton! This ugly and muscular middle-aged man was one of the few supreme masters of Iduna who were key in the fight against the goblins. He was a dominating figure in the city, and even Head Commander Gotze who was the leader in name had to be polite to him.

Horton thought that this young man would react after hearing his name, but he was disappointed.

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