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Hail the King Chapter 1173.2

Chapter 1173: Who Are You? (I) (Part Two)

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From the beginning to the end, the young man in white who was sitting on the main seat in the palace only gracefully drank the great liquor that the cute female warrior poured for him. This young man seemed to be so intoxicated in the liquor that he completely ignored Horton.

With this attitude, Horton felt like this young man was the godly king in Heaven while he was a speck of dust on the ground.

Not only that, even the great beauty who sat by the young man in white and was devouring food as if she hadn’t eaten in ten days also didn’t even look up after hearing his name.

“Humph! Do you want to play tricks in front of me? Are you seeking death?”

Horton’s patience was limited, and he was enraged after being ignored. He waved his hand, and a streak of terrifying red light beam shot toward Fei.

“I will kill this reckless man in white… these two women are beauties. I can thoroughly enjoy them. Then, I can gift them to others and win over those forces that are still hesitating. At such a critical time, such beauties are rare in the City of Iduna.” Horton was calculating in his mind.

In reality, Horton didn’t really consider Fei and the two girls as enemies.

In the City of Iduna, except for Gotze, the No.1 Master of Ormond, no one else could battle him. Also, Fei only appeared to be an ordinary person who seemed to be extremely weak and fragile.

From Horton’s perspective, Fei and Victoria were betting on the strength of Jean who was a high-level Moon-Class Elite.

“Hehe, only a chick who is a high-level Moon-Class Elite… they are dead for sure!”

At this moment, [Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton suddenly woke up from unconsciousness.

“No…” Seeing his big brother attacking the Human Emperor of the North, Elton got anxious and spat out another mouthful of blood before fainting again.

At the same time, Horton’s expression changed. He was shocked to find that the red light beam that he shot out, which could instantly kill a Sun-Class Lord, disappeared without a trace before it could get within ten meters of the young man in white.

That streak of energy lost contact with Horton! It was strange and alerted him!

“What happened?” Horton finally noticed that something was off.

At this moment, the young man in white who sat on the main seat looked up. He was smiling, but his white teeth looked like sharp knives in the dim light.

In Horton’s eyes, this smile was indescribably terrifying. Also, a chill went up his spine without warning, almost freezing him to death.

“How long has it been since I felt this way? Throat being clenched by the Grim Reaper?” Horton thought to himself as he subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

Then, this man took several steps back and asked with caution, “Who are you?”

“Of course, I’m someone who got captured by your good little brother.” Fei started speaking after he finished the last bit of liquor in the cup, “I thought that only this fat Elton was doing evil deeds such as kidnapping civilian women and killing the residents of the city. It is surprising that you, Mr. Horton, a dominating master, are also involved in this dirty and bloody business in the dark.”

“Humph! So what if I’m involved?” Horton gradually calmed down.

After thinking about the force behind him and his status in the City of Iduna, he wasn’t afraid anymore even though he knew that this man in front of him was stronger.

Horton sneered without a trace of fear, “I fight with the goblins day and night, bleeding and sweating. I risk my life and dance with the Grim Reaper daily. After giving so much, why can’t I enjoy a few beautiful civilian women? It is a great honor for them!”

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