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Hail the King Chapter 1174.1

Chapter 1174: Who Are You? (II) (Part One)

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“I’m afraid that it isn’t as simple as kidnapping civilian women, right?”

Fei lightly knocked on the jade desk with his finger. Anyone familiar with the emperor knew that this was a sign that he was about to make a decision.

“Humph! Who are you? How dare you try to manage me?” Horton sneered and said, “You aren’t weak. Unfortunately, with your strength, I still didn’t see you protect the City of Iduna. You hid behind the military and don’t dare to fight the enemies. You are worse than me!”

Hearing this, Fei lightly shook his head and no longer wanted to talk to Horton.

Seeing Fei’s reaction, Horton got even more confident.

After pausing for a bit, Horton pointed at Princess Victoria who had devoured as much food as possible. Right now, she was patting her belly in satisfaction and resting on the side.

Horton laughed and said, “Keep this woman here, and this incident is done. I won’t go after you for breaking into the Green Stone Palace and injuring the masters who are protecting the city! You two can go now!”

This man treated Fei as a wandering master.

When dealing with a powerful wandering master, Horton wouldn’t be afraid. Even if this wandering master was stronger than him, Horton had been operating in the City of Iduna for a long time, and he had his own force. It wouldn’t be hard for him and his men to surround and kill a wandering master.

At this moment, Horton was still blinded by his desire.

In reality, he wanted both these women. Right now, he was only trying to temporarily fool Fei so that he could have time to investigate Fei. If Fei didn’t have an impressive background, he would invite helpers to completely take out Fei and rob all his beauties.

Fei was still sneering and didn’t say anything. However, the coldness intensified in his eyes.

Horton saw Fei looking back at him with a mocking expression as if he was a sheep in a slaughterhouse; this supreme master felt uncomfortable.

This man couldn’t suppress his anger, and he was about to say something.

At this moment, a series of shouts sounded from the outside. Then, a guard staggered into the palace and shouted in panic, “Sir, bad news. Something bad…”

Horton shouted back, “What do you mean? Why are you panicking like this?”

“Report…. Si… Sir! Many soldiers suddenly appeared, and they surrounded the entire area. They stated that they are the expeditionary troop of the Northern Region Empire. We can’t hold on any longer!”

“What? The Northern Region Empire?” Horton was shocked. Then, he thought of something else and quickly calmed down.

After thinking everything through, Horton turned around and stared at Fei. Then, he sneered and said, “So, you are actually a member of the Northern Region Empire. No wonder you are so reckless in front of me. What? Just because I refused the olive branch that you guys threw out there a few days ago? Now, you can’t wait to use force? It seems like the Northern Region Empire’s tactics and temperament are not that great!”

“Since you dare to be hostile toward the Northern Region Empire, you have to get ready to disappear in the City of Iduna,” Jean said as she slowly stood up.

“B*tch! There is no place for a little Moon-Class Elite like you to talk!” Horton glanced at the female rogue before turning his attention back to Fei. He continued, “The Human Emperor of the North has many subordinates, including the 12 Gold Saints, the masters of the Black-Cloth Shrine, and the masters of the Dark Palace. It is heard that all of them have become supreme masters. Kid, tell me. Which one of these masters are you?”

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