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Hail the King Chapter 1174.2

Chapter 1174: Who Are You? (II) (Part Two)

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Dark Palace was a rumored secret organization under the Human Emperor of the North’s control. With Undead Mage Hazel Bank as the leader and Inzagi and the four spikes as the key assassins, it was heard that this force could move in secret without anyone noticing.

Also, the various intelligence networks on the continent captured many rumors and further exaggerated the abilities of this force.

Gradually, the Dark Palace became a terrifying force in others’ views, and it was known as the Human Emperor of the North’s Hidden Blade.

That was why Horton asked the question.

Hearing this, Finance Minister Victoria shook her head in pity and thought, “After all this, it turns out that this conceited and ugly man still hasn’t figured out who he is facing.”

While the people in the palace talked, the shouts grew louder and louder.

Streaks of powerful energy waves could be sensed from the palace.


A streak of terrifying energy landed on the palace, and a portion of the roof of the Green Stone Palace shattered. Then, a figure who looked defeated fell from the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost at the same time, as if a meteor rain fell from the sky, many figures who were engulfed in warrior energy flames and magic energy flames fell onto the roof of the Green Stone Palace. Sparks appeared as these figures glided through the air, and many cracks appeared in the roof. Then, the foundation of the palace shook, and several giant stone pillars collapsed…

In just a few seconds, this palace that was extremely secure with engraved magic patterns was greatly damaged. The roof completely broke, and the palace became ragged.

Horton could only unleash his force and protect [Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton who was still unconscious on the ground. Then, everything was over.

In the next moment, a landslide-like energy wave rushed down from the sky. It wasn’t something that mortals could block.

Horton’s face changed color. He looked up and saw the Valkyrie hovering in the sky above the broken Green Stone Palace. She was covered in a set of bright-red magic armor, and her long red hair fluttered in the wind. She looked noble yet cold, beautiful yet aloof.

That unstoppable force was continuously coming out of this Valkyrie’s body.

“The Queen of the Northern Region Empire!”

Horton’s lips and mouth felt dry. Seeing that charming figure, he felt fear for the first time.

He felt like his heart that was almost jumping out of his chest was beaten with a stick. A streak of blood went against the flow and rushed into his head, making him dizzy and see golden stars.

“The people of the Northern Region are so reckless. As soon as they move, they are fast and lethal, caring about nothing!”

People soon groaned and slowly stood up.

Owomoyela, Schultz, Tasci, and Benayoun…

Horton was familiar with all these people. They were all supreme masters who are defending the City of Iduna. More importantly, they were all Horton’s allies. They formed an alliance and rival against the other forces led by Gotze.

They were the side that favored the Holy Church.

In the last few days, these people didn’t only reject the olive branch that the Northern Region Empire extended to them. They worked in secret and walked closely with the Holy Church, and they were executing an important plan.

Horton’s heart started to drop.

After deciding to join the side that favored the Holy Church, Horton did think that he might face punishment from the Northern Region Empire. However, he never expected the Northern Region Empire to be so overbearing, aggressive, and bold! Nothing was hidden!

The aggressive tactic of putting all masks aside stunned Horton!

At this moment, Horton suddenly turned around and stared at Fei who was sitting on the main seat. He asked with a dark expression, “Who are you? Who are you?!”

This was Horton’s third time asking this question.

However, it was different this time.

This was Horton’s first time asking this question while looking up at Fei, but he got the same answer.

Further away, the handsome young man in white didn’t say anything. Sitting on the tall main seat, he only looked down at Horton with a vague cold smile.

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