Chapter 1175: The Human Emperor of the North (Part One)

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The supreme masters on the ground all got up and roared in anger.

About two hours ago, they all received a letter from Horton through the internal communication channels, inviting them to come to the Green Stone Palace to secretly discuss the issue of allying with the Holy Church and fighting the Northern Region Empire.

Therefore, these masters all came in high-spirits.

However, just when they arrived at the outside of the Green Stone Palace, they saw the expeditionary troop of the Northern Region Empire surrounding the palace.

Although they got angry, they couldn’t react in time before the Queen of the Northern Region Empire took them down. Then, they were tossed into the Green Stone Palace like mice.

They looked disheveled, and they still hadn’t figured out what was happening in the palace as their heads were dizzy.

When these supreme masters turned around and saw Horton, they calmed down for a bit and quickly gathered around him with confidence.

To them, as long as they were within reason and stood on the moral high ground, regardless of how powerful the Queen of the Northern Region Empire was and how dominating the Northern Region Empire behaved, they would be safe. After all, did the Northern Region Empire have the courage to stand against all the humans in the Southern Region?

Soon, these supreme masters realized that Horton’s expression looked a bit strange.

Schultz looked in the direction that Horton was staring at, and he saw a young man in white who was sitting on the main seat and two beauties who had different styles. He shivered subconsciously.

For people on their level, they were the centers wherever they went.

Shultz was a supreme master, and he could instantly detect any auras and life energies within five kilometers of him. However, before he looked over, he didn’t even notice that there were three other people in the palace.

More importantly, Shultz was shocked as he felt like he was staring into the void. If his eyes didn’t see Fei and the two girls, he would think that he was too dizzy and saw an illusion. Right now, regardless of how he unleashed his power to detect the existence of these three people, he couldn’t sense anything.

“Who… are they?”

At the same time, people like Owomoyela also noticed Fei and the two girls as well as the strangeness. Aside from being shocked, they quietly asked Horton the question.

With a serious expression, Horton slightly shook his head. He had some vague guesses, but he couldn’t be sure.

In the sky, Valkyrie Elena didn’t hesitate and unleashed her full power.

The shocking energy surge stunned the entire City of Iduna. The terrifying energy waves expanded and radiated outward like giant sea waves, washing the entire giant city.

At this moment, even the goblin military that was outside the city sensed the power in the energy surge, and they instinctively felt fear. The terrifying force made them feel suffocated. As a result, the goblins temporarily stopped sieging and backed off.

Then, streaks of brilliant energy flames shot into the sky from many corners of the City of Iduna, quickly approaching the Green Stone Palace.

“What happened?”

“The Queen of the Northern Region Empire? Who started a conflict with the Northern Region Empire?”

“What is going on? How come there is an internal battle?”

“This is the territory of Horton. What did he do? How did he trigger the Queen of the Northern Region Empire? I need an explanation!”

A series of roars sounded in the sky like thunder. The supreme masters of the Ormond Empire and other forces all questioned this incident. However, it was clear that they were siding with the Northern Region Empire.

Among these figures, Gotze, the No.1 Master of Ormond and the Head Commander of the City of Iduna, appeared in the sky.

“Your Highness!” These supreme masters didn’t dare to neglect Elena, and they all bowed to her, showing her respect.

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