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Hail the King Chapter 1175.2

Chapter 1175: The Human Emperor of the North (Part Two)

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The Valkyrie slightly nodded as a response.

Now, almost the entire City of Iduna was watching the situation above the Green Stone Palace.

Some clever nobles, masters, and military officers who had good information channels already guessed what happened.

“The people of the Northern Region Empire sure are dominating! They only got to the city a few days ago, yet they are facing off the group that Horton leads!” people thought to themselves.

Under everyone’s stares, the masters quickly chatted in mid-air before landing on the ground and entering the Green Stone Palace.

“Gotze, you came here just in time.” Schultz saw Horton’s secret message and questioned first, “We need an explanation! The Northern Region Empire sneak-attacked us shamelessly! This is an invasion! This is war! As the leader of all humans in Iduna, shouldn’t you say something?”

“Yeah, we are being suppressed!”

“Are the people of the Northern Region here to help us or bully us?”

“Humph! The City of Iduna doesn’t need the barbarians of the Northern Region Empire here to bully our peers! Let them get the f*ck out of here!”

Following Schultz’s question, the masters on Horton’s side all let out shouts and protests. Since the difference in strength between them and the Northern Region Empire was huge, they could only denounce the Northern Region Empire while standing on the moral high ground.

This was the only way that they could have the upper-hand in this brawl.

However, Gotze completely ignored their questions.

After dividing the crowd, this most powerful master of the Ormond Empire, the spiritual pillar of Iduna under the siege of goblins, and the head commander in name directly walked into the depths of the broken Green Stone Palace. Then, he slightly bowed to the young man in white who sat on the main seat and said, “Alexander Your Majesty! It is an honor for Gotze to see you!”

“Alexander Your Majesty?”

Horton and his henchmen all froze.

In the next moment, all these people felt like a giant hammer struck their hearts. Their minds instantly turned blank, and only a thought remained in their heads; one word, one title.

The Human Emperor of the North!

“This man in white is the Human Emperor of the North?”

“The ruler of the vast land in the north? The lord of the biggest empire on the Azeroth Continent? A rumored legendary existence who is said to be in the Godly King Realm?”

Human Emperor Alexander of the North was a legendary figure. There were countless brave and fierce warriors under his command, and they were all willing to die for him. Also, many supreme masters waited for this man’s order. With a powerful military, wherever this man pointed his sword, his enemies would be destroyed, their cities would be conquered, and their empires would be taken down.

Horton was so shocked and scared that he couldn’t even speak! He had a sudden understanding.

“Indeed, the person who can make the expeditionary troop of the Northern Region attack the Green Stone Palace without hesitation, can make the supreme Queen of the Northern Region Empire move, and has a level of strength that many supreme masters can’t see through… who else but the Human Emperor of the North?”

Horton’s legs instantly softened, and he almost knelt on the ground.

Although only this name was revealed, and Fei didn’t unleash any pressure, a supreme master such as Horton couldn’t help but subconsciously wanted to surrender. If it weren’t for the last bit of logic in his mind, his warrior path and Martial Dao would have been destroyed by Fei’s name alone.

At this moment, the Green Stone Palace was extremely quiet.

All those supreme masters who were shouting and tried to cause trouble fell silent; they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily. Also, they all lowered their heads and didn’t dare to look back at the Human Emperor of the North.

This name extinguished all the courage that these people had.

“So… it is Human Emperor Alexander of the North… Your Majesty… how come you…” Even though Horton was a vicious character, he started to stutter at this moment. His throat felt dry, and he couldn’t even speak clearly. “Your Majesty, how come you… are here?”

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