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Hail the King Chapter 1176.1

Chapter 1176: Settling Accounts (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a three-parter.]

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“It seems like your memory isn’t good.” Fei finally spoke. While looking at Horton whose expression was changing, Fei repeated what he said before, “Of course, your dear little brother Elton captured me and took me here.”

Fei’s words made Horton and these supreme masters want to kill Elton.

“There are so many people for you to offend. Why did you pick on the Human Emperor of the North? Do you want to die?”

At this moment, these supreme masters all forgot that when Elton had gotten “good stuff”, they all came and enjoyed themselves.

Although these people were supreme masters, they already lost their honor and dignity during the Chaos Era. Just like Elton and Horton, they sat on the fence and did things that benefited themselves instead of sticking to their principles. They were greedy and lustful, not good people in their cores.

Of course, even though they were greedy and lustful, it didn’t mean that they were foolish.

In fact, at this point, everyone knew what was going on. These supreme masters realized that this was a trap that the Human Emperor of the North set up. Otherwise, how could a weak person like Elton be able to capture and take a godly king to the Green Stone Palace?

However, even though this was the case, they couldn’t say anything to get out of this situation.

“I sincerely apologize to Your Majesty! I didn’t know that the honorable Human Emperor of the North got here, so my words were a bit rude. As the saying goes, the people who don’t know aren’t guilty of intent. Your Majesty is honorable, kind, and generous. I believe that you won’t be that strict with us, right?” Horton said with a sincere expression. He first praised Fei of being kind and generous, trying to use words to force Fei to let this incident go.

Fei laughed and looked at Horton as if he was a cat playing with a mouse. He replied, “What if I want to be picky and won’t let this go?”

“This…” Horton opened his mouth and stuttered, and cold sweat appeared on his face. He said with an awkward tone, “Your Majesty, your jokes are funny.”

“Who the fck has time to joke with a bstard like you?” The smile on Fei’s face suddenly disappeared, and he stood up and looked down at Horton as he shouted, “I’m here to take down human scum like you!”

Horton’s head started to buzz, and a streak of hot blood shot into his mind uncontrollably. He was about to explode in rage!

“This is too much! He is stepping over the line too much!”

“When have I, Horton, ever been insulted like this in the City of Iduna?”

These thoughts flashed in Horton’s mind.

“Humph! Alexander! Since you don’t want our respect and instead want to be hostile, I won’t be kind anymore! I didn’t know about this before, and I wasn’t involved. You can only take away Elton! What can you do to me?” Horton also flipped out.

“Who would want to use reason and argue with a human scum like you?” Fei sneered, “I want to kill you, so you have to die.”

“You… don’t step over the line!” Horton shouted back in anger.

Horton had something to rely on. Although he was afraid, he wasn’t desperate. He sneered and replied, “Your Northern Region Empire sure is ambitious. You are only here in the City of Iduna for a few days, yet you are killing the credited people who helped with the defense of the city and trying to take this city for yourself!”

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