Chapter 1176: Settling Accounts (Part Two)

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“Yeah! This is bullying!”

“We have earned a lot of merits! We bled in the battles with the goblin military!”

“The City of Iduna belongs to the people of the Southern Region! The barbarians from the Northern Region, get out! We don’t need your involvement!”

“Humph! Gotze, if you sit back and watch the Human Emperor of the North kill us today, the same thing will happen to you tomorrow!”

“The Human Emperor of the North is ambitious! He will kill you all and take over the City of Iduna!”

Under Horton’s secret instruction, the supreme masters who were taken down all started to shout and add to the mess, trying to create conflict between the Northern Region and the Southern Region. They were all on the same side, and they knew that the Human Emperor of the North already saw them as enemies.

Such action was useful.

The dozens of supreme masters who came with Gotze didn’t say anything, but doubts appeared in their heads.

After all, the situation that was described occurred on the Azeroth Continent frequently.

Fei laughed and said, “You are on the verge of death, yet you are still fighting back like beasts. Alright, before you die, I will clarify everything and prove your crimes! Come!” Fei clapped his hands as he spoke.

In the next moment, a group of people slowly walked into the palace.

They were the people of the Southern Region who resided in the city.

There were hundreds of them. They were of various ages, and there were both males and females. However, they all had one thing in common; they all had injuries all over their bodies while they looked dispirited.

When these people entered the palace, they saw [Crazy-Wild Boar] Elton who was still pretending to be dead, and they all gritted their teeth with hatred in their eyes. If the soldiers of the Northern Region Empire didn’t stop them, they would have rushed over and skinned this fatty.

“You guys may speak. Regardless of what kinds of injustice you suffered, you can speak on it, and we will restore justice today,” an official of the Northern Region Empire said kindly.

It was clear that these hundreds of people who came here today completely disregarded their own lives. Although Horton and others stared at them ferociously, they showed no signs of fear.

These people told everyone about their tragic experiences and how Fatty Elton tortured them. Some of the things were so vicious and cruel that even some of the supreme masters felt chills running up their spines.

These hundreds of people each stated their cases. In the end, they all had bloody tears in their eyes, and they either pointed at the sky and cursed while grinding their teeth or cried, hammered their chests, and stomped their feet.

Both Princess Victoria and Jean were happy and cheerful people, but they cried alongside these hundreds of people in the end after hearing the stories.

Only Horton and his henchmen still looked the same, appearing cold-blooded. After these poor people told their stories, Horton sneered and said, “With all that said, it is Elton who committed these evil deeds. What does it have to do with us? Besides, they are a bunch of lowly civilians!”

“Doesn’t have to do with all of you? Then, let’s talk about the things that involve you,” Fei sneered and clapped his hands again.

Another group of people walked into the palace through the gate.

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