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Hail the King Chapter 1176.3

Chapter 1176: Settling Accounts (Part Three)

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There were nobles, guards, and military officers, and they were all people of the Southern Region. It seemed like they all got beaten, and bruises could be seen on their bodies. They were all in magic handcuffs, and those people who followed Elton and committed evil deeds with him were in this group.

There were some henchmen who followed Horton, and there were some subordinates and trusted people of the supreme masters who were taken down by Elena earlier.

With frightened expressions, these people staggered as they walked into the palace under the escort of the warriors of the Northern Region Empire.

Horton and others’ expressions changed at this moment.

“You… you dared to arrest our people without consulting us? This is outrageous!” Horton shouted, feeling a little anxious and uneasy.

“Why are you impatient already?” Fei only glanced over, yet Horton and his henchmen paled and didn’t dare to move as if they were severely injured.

Seeing this, some of the arrested guards and henchmen who were still having other thoughts instantly became honest. They all told Fei everything that they knew as if someone was pouring dry beans out of a smooth bottle.

Everything that these people said pointed toward Horton. It was clear that Elton was only someone on the surface, and Horton and the supreme masters on his side were the true perpetrators of the worst evil deeds. Otherwise, how would Elton, a little Star-Level Warrior, dare to act so overbearingly in the City of Iduna?

Of course, this was only the appetizer.

More importantly, these guards and trusted people revealed that in order to obtain more benefits and have more say in the important matters, these supreme masters set up traps to wipe out allied forces, making the humans of the Southern Region lose on the battlefield again and again. Many loyal and brave soldiers and warriors were lost along the way, and the human forces in the area couldn’t help but retreat all the way back to the City of Iduna.

Due to their own selfishness, numerous humans died under the blades of the goblins!

This was a huge scandal!

It was a huge crime! It was anti-human!

The supreme masters beside Gotze all shivered in anger.

“Kill them!”

“Skin these b*stards alive!”

While these supreme masters shouted emotionally, they surrounded Horton and his henchmen.

“We are framed! They are… they are trying to fool all of you…” Horton roared with a pale face.

“Framed? Those people who spoke are all your men!” Gotze sneered. In fact, he was also shocked by the energy that the Human Emperor of the North showcased. The Northern Region Empire captured so many henchmen and trusted people of Horton and others on his side. It was also Gotze’s first time knowing that some of them were on Horton’s side; their acting was great!

“Who knew what kind of evil spell that the Human Emperor of the North cast on them… they must have been threatened into saying these things…” Horton tried to explain and resist until the last second.

Without thinking, Fei pointed at the weak people who came in first and said with a smile, “I have explained everything to you. Now, let’s start settling these accounts. You have to pay for their sufferings first.”

Seeing that talking was useless, Horton shut his mouth. He had something to rely on, and he already sent out the secret message. Therefore, he became tough and reckless as he sneered, “They are only a bunch of ants. If I kill them, my hands would be stained. Human Emperor of the North, are you really naïve enough to side with these ants?”

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  1. If they were ants he is also an ant. If they were rabbits he is also rabbit.

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