Chapter 1177: The Ending of the Wild Boar (Part One)

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“In your eyes, they are ants since they are weak.” Fei stared at Horton and sneered, “Then, the same theory applies to our situation. You are only a poor ant in my eyes. The difference between you and me is bigger than the difference between you and them!”

“Humph!” Horton snorted and couldn’t say anything else.

At this moment, Fatty Elton who had been unconscious this entire time suddenly woke up. When he saw Horton, he screamed like a pig that was being butchered, “Big Brother! Don’t attack him! He is the Human Emperor of the North! Don’t move…”

It seemed like this crazy boar still hadn’t figured out what was going on.

Right now, Horton was feeling anxious while he waited for that figure who could rival the Human Emperor of the North to arrive. He completely ignored Elton’s reminder.

Everything was too late now. The two parties had completely torn off all disguises, and there was no way back.

Finally, Elton sensed something from the subtle atmosphere in the palace, and he crawled to Horton with a terrified expression.

Fei slightly shook his head.

Seeing this, Bronze Saint Hazard of Cygnus walked over and sealed all the energy in Elton’s body using a chilly power in front of Horton and his henchmen. Then, Hazard pulled Elton off the ground and threw him to the hundreds of victims.

“Now, you all can seek revenge.”

Those hundreds of poor people who held endless resentment in their minds couldn’t believe what they heard, and they looked at Hazard and Fei in disbelief.

These people were already desperate, and they ditched all concerns out of the window and came here to tell their tragic stories. Even if they couldn’t take down the [Crazy-Wild Boar], they would feel better by cursing him. To their surprise, these people of the Northern Region were strong enough to suppress the enormous evil forces behind Elton and restore justice, giving them the chance to seek revenge!

No one knew who roared first, but these hundreds of people charged forward and pressed the terrified fatty on the ground.

Some of these people’s arms were broken, but they still use their teeth and bit off flesh off Elton’s body.

“No… save me… Big Brother… save me…” Elton’s terrified cries sounded under the angry crowd. He never imagined that he would die in the hands of these people whom he regarded as dirty and lowly ants even though he bullied them and assaulted them.

Horton clenched his fists, and he glanced at a supreme master beside him with anger in his eyes.

Although Elton wasn’t Horton’s little brother by blood, they were still close relatives, and the fatty had done many things for him. If Elton got killed by a bunch of dirty ants right in front of him, he would lose all honor and dignity.

Since Horton already decided to rival the Human Emperor of the North without holding back, he wouldn’t hesitate.

“Who dares to move?!” Bronze Saint Hazard of Cygnus saw this and snorted.

The supreme master who was about to save Elton under Horton’s command shivered in fear when he heard this snort. As if his body froze for real, he didn’t move at all afterward.

Of course, this supreme master wasn’t afraid of a little Moon-Class Elite. However, when this little warrior represented the will of an existence such as the Human Emperor of the North, no one on the Azeroth Continent dared to move under such threats.

In just a flash, Elton’s voice became fainter and fainter.

Blood flowed out of the crowd and formed a small pond.

This scene made many people feel scared. The power of hatred was insane! Those hundreds of people were blinded by hatred, and the anger that was pent up in their minds for many days got vented. Now, there was only a bloody corpse on the ground with missing flesh.

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