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Hail the King Chapter 1177.2

Chapter 1177: The Ending of the Wild Boar (Part Two)

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Elton’s nickname was the [Crazy-Wild Boar], and he ended up like a boar as well, being bitten by other people.

Such death was too easy for an evil person like Elton.

After they took revenge, these poor people behaved wildly. With blood all over their bodies, some of them knelt on the ground and spoke to their loved ones who had died tragically, some laughed hysterically, and some cried with tears all over their faces.

“Your Majesty! Thank you for restoring justice for us!”

After venting their anger and resentment, these hundreds of people gradually calmed down, and they all knelt on the ground and thanked Fei.

“Now everything is settled. Drop your hatred and try to survive in the Chaos Era for your loved ones,” Fei said while sighing.

Then, the emperor unleashed a streak of energy of the Paladin, instantly healing these people’s injuries, curing their mental damage, and comforting their well-being. Then, he ordered the soldiers to lead these people out of the collapsed Green Stone Palace.

Without question, these people were going to spread the news about what happened here in the City of Iduna.

Together with the hard work of the officials of the Northern Region Empire, the entire City of Iduna was soon going to praise the people of the Northern Region for their righteousness and the Human Emperor of the North for his nobility and kindness.

Seeing this, Horton almost shattered his teeth as he bit them forcefully, but he tried his best to endure all this.

At this moment, Fei suddenly stood up and raised his hand, and a streak of invisible power rushed out and shattered a portion of the sky.

“You have been here for a long time now. Godly knights shouldn’t be sneaky and cunning. Come out now!” While the emperor said that, ripples appeared in the sky, and more than ten fully-armed godly knights appeared.

The silver holy power gushed down like water coming out of a broken dam.

People like Gotze were stunned; they didn’t know that so many masters of the Holy Church were hiding in the city.

These godly knights were all engulfed in thick silver holy power as they held silver dragon lances. As the holy power surged around them, their white capes that were attached to their silver rune-engraved armor flattered in the wind like battle flags. They were all high-level godly knights.

The person in the lead was as tall as a tower, and only his sharp eyes were exposed in the air. While looking like a metal beast, he unleashed his suppressive aura.

In the next second, this man scattered thick holy power and engulfed Horton and his henchmen, and a cold and mechanical voice sounded behind the mask, “These human masters of the Southern Region are children of the gods. They are being protected by the Holy Church, and attacking them is equivalent to insulting the gods!”

Bedlam broke loose in the palace as soon as this was heard.

Proud and excited smiles appeared on Horton and his henchmen’s faces.

Horton had been waiting for this moment. He chose to rival the Northern Region Empire because he already joined the side of the Holy Church. The Holy Church promised them more benefits and privileges.

Horton knew that the masters of the Holy Church hid in the City of Iduna, and they had been communicating for a while now. The Holy Church was executing an important plan in secret.

Now, these powerful godly knights of the Holy Church were Horton’s guards.

“Even the Human Emperor of the North can’t do anything to me with these powerful godly knights here!” Horton thought to himself.

“Hahaha! Alexander! I told you that you can’t do anything to me! I’m a member of the Holy Church! I already joined them! I’m blessed by the gods, and I’m their subject!” Horton laughed hysterically.

“The subject of the gods?” As if Fei heard a joke, he laughed, “I’m a god, but I won’t protect you. You aren’t deserving of becoming my subject!”

With that said, Fei pointed out one of his fingers.

The golden and silver sword energy of order flew out like a dragon, instantly penetrating the sea of silver holy power that the godly knights created and breaking Horton’s own protective energy sphere.

“No!” Horton screamed as the sword energy coiled around him.

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