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Hail the King Chapter 1178.1

Chapter 1178: The Legendary Existences (Part One)

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Fei’s sudden attack took those more than ten godly knights by surprise. Just as they wanted to move, Horton, this supreme master who dominated the City of Iduna, was already dead. His body was disintegrated by the invincible golden and silver sword energy of order, becoming a mass of pure energy and falling into Fei’s hand.

The atmosphere in the palace changed drastically.

The supreme masters around Horton all shivered in fear like chicklings in front of a hawk.

Before death, Horton’s eyes were filled with desperation and disbelief, and the supreme masters on his side saw his eyes. Like a powerful hammer, Horton’s expression struck these supreme masters’ nerves and instantly wiped out the hope and confidence that was rising in their minds.

The Human Emperor of the North killed Horton before the godly knights.

It meant that this man could easily kill the rest of the supreme masters if he wanted to.

“Reckless! Alexander! You are insulting the gods! Your action is provoking the Holy Church! This is unforgivable! The gods will punish you!” The godly knight in the lead roared in anger, and his shout resonated in the sky.

Fei killed Horton and brought shame to this godly knight.

In the past, one word from the Holy Church could protect anyone. But now, more than ten godly knights who had been hiding in the dark showed themselves, yet the person who they wanted to protect was still killed. This was a hard slap on their faces.

“Hahahaha!” Fei’s disdainful laughter resonated in the palace.

“Insulting the gods? The gods will punish me? Hahaha! Hey, old man, are you joking? I’m already a god. How can I insult the gods? Who can punish me?” Fei mocked as he looked at the godly knight in the front. Then, he shook his head and said, “Alright, put away the method that you used to fool others and poison the continent in the last 1,000 years! We are enemies now! Do you think that your actions in the Southern Region in the last while is unknown to others? The humans in the Southern Region are being butchered by the goblins and are in a desperate situation! The Holy Church is also on the list of mortal enemies of humans!”

Everyone was shocked by Fei’s words.

“What? It seems like the Human Emperor of the North is implying that the Holy Church is connected to the goblins somehow?” people thought to themselves.

“Nonsense! Human Emperor of the North, you are fooling people with your tricky words! You have stained the honor of the gods! In Father God’s name, I now denounce you as a heretic…” the tough godly knight in the lead roared! People weren’t sure if it was fear or anger, but this muscular man was shivering.

“Heretic? The Holy Church is the biggest heretic among humans! Now, in the name of ‘human’, I denounce you as heretics.” Fei interrupted the big godly knight’s roar and laughed, “Therefore, since you heretics are here, then stay!”

Before Fei finished speaking, a golden and silver sword energy of order flew out of his finger and shot toward this godly knight leader.

“Gods’ Protection!” the godly knight leader shouted.

It was clear that this man knew the terrifying power of this sword energy of order, so he unleashed eye-piercing holy power, making the atmosphere in the broken Green Stone Palace extremely creepy yet holy. At the same time, the other godly knights behind him also unleashed their holy power.

Then, the runes that were engraved on their armor also lit up as strange energy flowed in them.

Many shadows of four-winged battle angels appeared behind these godly knights, and they opened their wings and shielded the knights, looking like many giant eggs of light.

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