Chapter 1178: The Legendary Existences (Part Two)

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The golden and silver sword energy collided onto the wings of the battle angels.

After a moment of stalemate, the [Gods’ Protection] shattered! It had just summoned many battle angels and created many eggs of light with their wings! While crisp noises sounded, the eggs of light that were supposed to block all attacks broke.

Bam! The godly knight leader’s helmet and armor shattered like a porcelain jar that was dropped on the ground.

This was a person who appeared to be a 30-year-old man. He looked fierce with a short red beard, and murderous spirit and viciousness could be seen in his eyes. At this moment, he appeared shocked.

The good thing for him was that only his godly armor shattered, and the four-wing battle angel that he summoned saved his life.

The golden and silver sword energy of order penetrated the battle angel’s body, and this half-magic incomplete life form was taken down by the sword energy and turned into a fist-sized mass of pure energy. Then, it flew back into Fei’s hand.

Fei’s dominating godly-king-level strength was demonstrated.

Now, these godly knights finally knew that the rumors about Fei’s strength that had been circulating on the continent weren’t wrong.

While shattering the eggs of light created by the [Gods’ Protection], Fei still had the energy to isolate the battle. No one in the Green Stone Palace was affected.

“This evil heretic is too powerful! Warriors, let’s initiate the Godly War!”

The godly king leader shouted, and they flew higher and higher into the sky.

Fei didn’t stop them. He could tell that these people weren’t trying to escape but were using a rare combat method.

“The secret method of the Holy Church?” Fei thought to himself. He wanted to see how powerful this method was. He had to prepare by fighting with these godly knights. After knowing more about how these godly knights fought in groups, the Northern Region Empire would have fewer casualties once the war with the Holy Church started.

Fei stepped into the sky while waving his hand.

Valkyrie Elena and other masters of the Northern Region Empire all backed off, and the soldiers of the Northern Region Empire all moved away to a safe distance.

The powerful energy surge appeared on Fei; it was an indefensible law of nature. It completely sealed a circular space within a diameter of about five kilometers, creating a huge battlefield that could block the residual energy of a battle between gods. Now, the residents of Iduna wouldn’t be affected.

On the ground, the supreme masters on Horton’s side wanted to escape from the broken palace, but they all froze after Elena glanced at them. They gave up on escaping, and they could only watch the unprecedented battle in the sky while anxiously waiting for their fates to change.

It was clear that the Human Emperor of the North wanted to challenge this team of 19 god-level knights of the Holy Church alone!

A supreme master wanted to say something, but he suddenly saw something in the sky and froze as if he was struck by a lightning bolt.

Even Valkyrie Elena looked shocked.

A series of high-pitch whistle-like noises sounded in the high sky, and many transparent ripples appeared. Then, many giant shadows showed themselves. These black shadows looked fierce and vicious as they were engulfed in unparalleled murderous spirits. Every inch of their bodies contained destructive force, and they cast many shadows on the ground.

Dragons! The legendary dragons!

These godly knights were… godly dragon knights? They only existed in the legends!

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