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Hail the King Chapter 1179.1

Chapter 1179: Platini Has Arrived at the Southern Region (Part One)

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“Godly Dragon Knight!”

“How is this possible?”

Even Fei was greatly shocked by this.

Everyone knew that the Dragon Clan and the Holy Church fought each other fiercely, and the intense war lasted for close to half a year. Almost the entire Mediterranean Sea and the Central Region was destroyed by this war, and blood formed rivers while countless creatures died.

In the end, the Dragon Clan was defeated, and the deep hatred between the two forces couldn’t be resolved for generations.

“How come these dragons are willing to become the mounts of these godly knights? How did the two parties that are supposed to hate each other walk together?”

The figures flashed, and these 19 godly knights all mounted onto the dragons. These giant dragons all had silver armor on their bodies. Iron spikes were on the armor, the protection for the heads and necks were flexible, and giant hammers were placed on their tails.

When the godly knights stood on these dragons while holding giant dragon lances, their power merged with that of the dragons, giving others a huge visual shock!

Waves of dragon pressure were emitted in the sky.


The godly knight leader issued a command to the dragon under him, and the dragon quickly flew in the sky. The other 18 godly dragon knights coordinated with their leader and moved their dragons, forming a mystical formation and encircling Fei.

While roaring, the dragons spat out clouds of terrifying energy.

Dragon breaths!

Different dragon breaths had different colorful glares, and they contained shocking laws of nature. In a collision, they could unleash the power to instantly destroy a god!

The fragmented laws of nature shot in all directions like godly weapons, cutting everything in the area.


An invisible fragmented law of nature shot passed Fei and cut off one strand of his hair.

This was a chaotic current from the storm of the laws of nature! It was terrifying!

However, that was the most damage that this storm could do.

Fei didn’t even use his golden and silver sword energy of order! Instead, he unleashed his invincible godly king power and completely engulfed the storm of the laws of nature. In the end, this storm was suppressed into a fist-sized starlight and was grasped in Fei’s hand.

“This is the so-called battle of the gods?” Fei looked at the godly knight leader and shook his head in disdain.

His opponent was enraged just as expected.

As a mysterious chant sounded, the shadows of the battle angels that disappeared before reappeared from every godly knight’s body. With their giant wings opened, the battle angels worked with the power of the giant dragons and created a giant mystical magic array, trapping Fei inside.

“Father God’s Punishment!”

The godly knights waved their dragon lances, and each unleashed a thick and powerful light beam.

Every light beam combined the power of the battle angel, the knight, and the dragon.

These 19 light beams gathered together and formed a destructive giant sword of light. Then, a giant ancient god with a human figure but a blurry face walked out from the void and held onto the sword before striking Fei with it.

The entire continent seemed to have moved under the power of the sword.

From the perspective of damage, this sword’s power already reached the Godly King Realm.

“Is this the secret group attack of the Holy Church?”

“Fools! Do you think that the difference in realms can be easily filled with power alone? This is the end!” After Fei observed the secret technique and understood the underlying principle, he no longer held back. He lightly pointed his finger, and his fingertip touched the giant destructive sword of light.

This scene seemed like Fei was committing suicide.

However, in the next second, this world-destroying sword was stopped by this light finger strike.

The sharp tip of the giant sword of light pressed onto Fei’s finger. It seemed like this sword could shatter the toughest barrier in the world, including the spatial barriers, but it couldn’t cut open Fei’s skin and flesh.

Crack! In the next moment, this giant sword of light and the godly shadow that was holding onto it both shattered.

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