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Hail the King Chapter 1179.2

Chapter 1179: Platini Has Arrived at the Southern Region (Part Two)

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The godly knight leader screamed on top of his lungs, and seven hermit-like god-level knights shattered. Their bodies collapsed and turned into blood mist before disappearing in this world.

“The evil heretic…” the godly knight leader shouted in anger, and a scroll suddenly appeared in his hand.

The scroll opened in the wind, and a giant silver hand dashed out of the scroll and struck toward Fei.

This energy hand contained impressive dignity and power! Even Valkyrie Elena who was standing far away got a little scared.

“The scroll that contains the full-force strike of a godly-king-level master of the Holy Church? The Holy Church sure does have godly kings!” Fei slightly nodded, and he still only pointed out one of his fingers, shattering this giant hand.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

At the same time, six more godly knights were affected by this battle and exploded into blood mist. Their godly core energies were all compressed into light dots before landing in Fei’s palm.

The godly knight leader was enraged, and he shouted as he struck out his dragon lance. The surface of the lance cracked, revealing a staff with nine rings on the tip. This staff was engulfed in the shadow of a god! It was a god-tier combat weapon!

Fei raised his hand, and a golden and silver sword energy of order instantly flew out and sealed this god-tier combat weapon.

The huge difference in strength made all of the godly knights’ efforts go to waste.

“Risk everything! We have to risk everything! We will die together! We can’t let the City of Iduna fall into the hand of a heretic…” the godly knight leader shouted in desperation, and he gathered with the remaining godly knights. Three godly knights self-detonated, and the power of the massive explosion finally broke the godly seal array that Fei set up, allowing the last few godly knights to fly into the sky.

“Hahaha! Even if we have to destroy this city, we won’t let you have it! Human Emperor of the North! Give up!”

It was evident that their mission was going to fail, but these godly knights wouldn’t let the Northern Region Empire control the City of Iduna. The godly knight leader laughed hysterically, and his voice echoed in the sky above the City of Iduna.

The terrifying energy gathered in the sky, making it seem like it was the end of the world.

The soldiers and residents in the city could only shiver in fear. Countless people looked up at the sky, feeling desperate. The true face of the Holy Church made them angry, and they had to place all hope in the Human Emperor of the North.

These people’s beliefs in the Holy Church and the gods that the Holy Church believed in instantly collapsed.

This was also the moment where new beliefs were created.

The godly seal array that Fei created loosened up in the explosion, but it quickly expanded and casually engulfed the godly knights who just escaped. The intense explosion couldn’t penetrate the array and affect the people on the ground.

“You…” The godly knight leader realized that he was fooled. The Human Emperor of the North used him to destroy the last bit of foundation that the Holy Church had in this city.

“It is all over.” Without mercy, Fei harvested these godly knights and took their core energies.

“Platini His Holiness is already in the Southern Region! You can’t be smug for too long! Ah…” the godly knight leader cursed in anger, but he was refined into a mass of pure energy in the end, becoming the fertilizer that Fei used to increase his fusion with the grand godly realm.

In the sky, only the 19 fully-armed giant dragons remained.

Without the control of the dragon flutes and their masters, these 19 dragons that were weaponized to the teeth flapped their wings in mid-air and looked lost.

Fei already saw through everything, and he shot 19 streaks of golden holy power into these dragons’ heads.

In the next moment, streaks of black smoke left the dragons’ bodies and dissipated into the area. The slightly mechanical dragon bodies and lost minds seemed to have returned to normal.

“Ah! Those damn b*stards of the Holy Church…” the giant dragons spoke the human language that was common in the Mythical Era 1,000 years ago.

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