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Hail the King Chapter 1180.1

Chapter 1180: Chain Reactions (Part One)

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These giant dragons were all captured by the Holy Church during the great war in the Central Region. Of course, the proud dragons wouldn’t lower their heads before their enemies. The only reason that these godly knights were able to control and ride these dragons was that the dragons’ souls were imprisoned by a sinister secret technique, and the Holy Church controlled their wills, forcing the dragons to serve.

The streaks of golden light that Fei shot out broke the restrictions that the Holy Church placed on these giant dragons.

Although their minds were controlled, these giant dragons still knew what was going on.

“Although most humans are bad eggs, you look alright to us…” the red dragon in the lead spoke to Fei as it spat out fire and the smell of sulfur, “Thank you for saving our souls and relieving us from eternal suffering.”

Fei nodded and didn’t say anything more.

If it were two years ago, Fei might scream in excitement when he saw a giant godly dragon like this, just like how fans might react when they saw their super idols.

Now, Fei didn’t react that much; it seemed like he was a hunter who saw a bigger snake in the forest.

Power and level affect people’s vision.

Instead of Fei reacting to these giant dragons, the soldiers and residents of Iduna knelt and prayed.

Dragons were legendary creatures who were immortal like the gods.

“You have earned the friendship of the Dragon Clan,” the red dragon said. Then, it shook its body and handed a dragon scale to Fei.

“We must return to our clan as fast as possible and report to Great Leader Jordan about the evilness of the Holy Church. Also, we must save our brothers and sisters whose souls are still imprisoned. We can’t return your favor temporarily. However, with this dragon scale, you can send envoys to the Dragon Island, and the Dragon Clan will fulfill one request from you.”

Fei looked at the red dragon scale that looked like a burning fire and contained mystical dragon power, and he nodded and said, “Ok, I also hope that I can talk with Great Leader Jordan and discuss potential partnerships.”

“We will be waiting for you on the Dragon Island, Human!” the red dragon roared for the last time and soared into the sky, leading the other 18 dragons to fly away. Transparent ripples appeared, and they soon completely disappeared over the horizon.

Fei watched as the dragons left. Suddenly, he thought of something. “The war between the Holy Church and the Dragon Clan… Did it start with the Holy Church wanting to capture dragons and make them into mounts for the godly knights? And such barbaric behavior triggered the proud dragons?”

“However, I accidentally created a friendship today.”

“This red dragon seems to have a good status in the Dragon Clan. If we can ally with the Dragon Clan, the Northern Region Empire will have another group of powerful friends aside from the dwarfs, gnomes, and elves.”

The cleanup afterward was quite smooth and simple.

After Fei unleashed his powerful pressure, the goblin masters didn’t dare to approach the city, and the human troops could deal with the ordinary goblin troops.

The death of the godly knights and Horton, as well as the imprisonment of those dozens of supreme masters on their side, meant that the City of Iduna was completely transformed. The forces that sided with the Northern Region Empire obtained the advantage. Under people like Gotze’s push, the hidden forces of the Holy Church in Iduna were ripped out by their roots.

At this moment, even though some people were still worried about the potential revenge from the Holy Church, they also had to consider the wills of Fei and the Northern Region Empire!

With the Southern Region this chaotic, these masters couldn’t think too much.

Many nobles were investigated and punished for their wrongdoings, and many troops were scattered and reformed. Also, the unnecessary privilege zones in the city were removed.

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