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Hail the King Chapter 1180.2

Chapter 1180: Chain Reactions (Part Two)

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The residents of the city reported many bullies and criminals.

This was a complete reform! Many nobles who lived the luxurious lifestyle and partied every day got their privileges stripped away, becoming civilians.

To some degree, the Northern Region Empire had taken over this city that was in the center of a storm.

Food Inspection Agency, Patrol Office, Temporarily Jail, Instructor System…

Many organizations and systems that the people of the Southern Region had never heard of before were created, and the effects were clear.

Especially the distribution of food! The people who didn’t want to contribute to the city didn’t get any food; food was given out based on the work that people did for the city.

Such a policy was supported by many refugees and civilians who were living in the bottom of the society. With this policy in place, even the beggars who didn’t have any clothes to wear could survive as long as they were willing to do something for this city, one of the last defensive lines of humans in the Southern Region! They wouldn’t die of hunger or cold weather!

The City of Iduna that seemed dispirited and dead started to channel its inner vitality.

People like Gotze were shocked to see the young advisors and officials of the Northern Region Empire in the various agencies turning the city around. The people’s support for the Northern Region Empire skyrocketed, and the people in the city who seemed numb all gradually started to smile, becoming worshippers of the Human Emperor of the North.

Now, ‘Long live Alexander His Majesty’ was a phrase that almost all the people in the city said every day.

The mage legion of the Northern Region Empire modified and repaired the magic defense system of Iduna.

The instructors of the Northern Region Empire finished the reform of the military, turning the bulky and ineffective troops into agile and flexible ones.

Many magic weapons, tools, armor, and machines of the Northern Region Empire were incorporated into the defenses of the city.

The weak city walls that were about to collapse under the countless goblins’ attacks became impregnable! Everything became safe!

The number of casualties on the city walls drastically decreased. Before, hundreds of thousands of human soldiers died every day. Now, only about a few hundred died.

The original high-level officials of Iduna had never imagined that the city could be turned around in such a short time! They suddenly felt like their choice was extremely wise! Even though the Northern Region Empire was a new force on the continent, its terrifying potential could rival the Holy Church, the dominating force that suppressed the continent for more than 1,000 years!

Especially with the protection of the Human Emperor of the North, the most powerful human master in the last 1,000 years in many people’s eyes, the City of Iduna couldn’t be broken! The goblin gods didn’t dare to show up, and the supreme masters of Iduna didn’t have to worry about battling to the death.

These top-level people all experienced the greatness of being protected.

As to those royal members of the various empires who lost their privileges in this reform? No one cared about them. It would be great if people could survive in the Chaos Era. It would be impossible for anyone to suck others’ ‘blood’ like before!

While all that took place, the news about the Human Emperor of the North’s appearance in the City of Iduna was spread out through various information channels.

Along with this news, people also learned that this emperor killed 19 hermit-like godly knights!

These two pieces of news triggered a series of chain reactions.

The Holy Church couldn’t bear it anymore and finally waged a full-scale war against the Northern Region Empire.

Near the Strait of Naples which was the border between the Central Region and the Northern Region, a large-scale battle took place.

Golden Lion Lampard of the Northern Region Empire led the mixed cavalry legion and battled the Godly Execution Knight Legion that Atkinson commanded.

The entire world became chaotic.

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