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Hail the King Chapter 1181.1

Chapter 1181: Spear, Sword, and Shield (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a three-parter.]

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Unavoidably, the continent fell into real chaos.

The death of more than ten hermit-like godly dragon knights truly infuriated the Holy Church, and this was the fuse that led to the outbreak of the war.

The Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church were the two biggest forces on the Azeroth Continent, and they tore off all disguises after a short period of unstable peace, pushing the continent into the abyss of war.

Of course, some people guessed that the Holy Church decided to wage the war since the Human Emperor of the North appeared in the Southern Region. It meant that the troops at the Strait of Naples and the Northern Region Empire were without a true leader. Many people believed that this was the best time to launch the attack on the side of the Holy Church.

Some clues showed that Platini, the second most powerful figure of the Holy Church, had come to the Southern Region in secret. He brought powerful hidden forces with him, trying to ambush and take out the Human Emperor of the North in the Southern Region.

Many people processed information with inertia thinking, and they believed that the Northern Region Empire had a weak foundation, which was the lethal shortcoming.

If it weren’t for the support of the Human Emperor of the North who was one of the most talented humans ever lived, the Northern Region Empire would need dozens of years to rack up enough wealth and strength to rival the Holy Church.

From this angle, once the Human Emperor of the North was killed, the entire situation on the continent would shift drastically! This was an important strategic move for the Holy Church!

No one had expected that the broken Southern Region would become the epicenter of conflict for these two mammoth-like forces.

Or was this the location that the two forces chose on purpose?

A new whirlpool was slowly forming.

While the wind blew and clouds surged, everyone on the continent was looking at the Southern Region at this moment.

Time passed by quickly.

In a flash, the expeditionary troop had already stayed in the City of Iduna for half a month.

Many changes took place in the city in the last half-month.

The Human Emperor of the North transformed this ancient city.

After hidden super-long-distance teleportation arrays were created and formed a delivery network, all the issues in the city were resolved.

A ton of food was sent into the city, alleviating millions of people’s dire needs. Also, many soldiers, various equipment, and all kinds of strategic resources were moved from the Northern Region to the city.

In a short while, this human city that was about to be conquered transformed into a fortress that couldn’t be taken down.

At the same time, some old, injured, and weak people were secretly teleported out of the city using the magic teleportation network that the Northern Region Empire built.

This city that was surrounded by the goblins became another training facility for the soldiers of the Northern Region Empire. Now that the people in the city didn’t have to worry about running low on supplies, they organized several counterattacks and kicked away the goblins for more than 50 kilometers.

Some people couldn’t understand why the Human Emperor of the North and the Northern Region Empire wanted to invest so much time and energy into this lonely city in the Southern Region.

What was the value of the City of Iduna? What was the value of the Southern Region?

Or was there a huge secret hidden in this land?

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  1. OG

    Shouldn’t be a huge secret that no one can be safe on the Southside. It’s kinda like Chicago. No one should be surprised.

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