Chapter 1181: Spear, Sword, and Shield (Part Two)

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While the Northern Region Empire focused on transforming the City of Iduna, the Holy Church also completed the restructuring of the other human city in the Southern Region. In the entire Southern Region, there was only the City of Iduna and the City of Allianz.

The joint forces of Juventus, Barcelona, and the Holy Church took control of the giant City of Allianz.

Also, the Holy Church constructed secret magic pathways and moved supplies into the City of Allianz.

At the same time, voices denouncing the Northern Region Empire became louder and louder on the continent under the Holy Church’s push. Dozens of empires in the Eastern Region such as Everson and Sunderland all changed their positions and became hostile toward the Northern Region Empire after the death of their supreme masters.

These empires sent their elite troops to the Strait of Naples and the Southern Region, getting ready to battle the Northern Region Empire.

The situation on the continent became intense.

-The Strait of Naples-

Under the illumination of the setting sun, it seemed like blood was flowing on the land.

It was the 12th day since the beginning of the war. The troops of Barcelona and Juventus were defeated many times, losing a large piece of the territory that had a radius of about 5,000 kilometers as well as over half of their soldiers. This was a situation that these two empires didn’t anticipate before the war.

The troops of the Northern Region Empire got the rest and training that they needed, and they completely dominated these two powerful empires in terms of equipment and military discipline.

Especially the mage legion of the Northern Region Empire. The terrifying strength and strategies that it showed instantly destroyed the mages of Barcelona and Juventus.

“The magic abilities of the Northern Region Empire is at least 100 years ahead of us!” Frontline Commander Quagliarella of Juventus who was also a supreme master howled as he looked at the remaining defeated soldiers.

It was hard to believe that the Northern Region, which was called remote and had never given birth to a level 9 empire, somehow created this terrifying magic civilization. This was a miracle! It didn’t fit the development path of magic civilizations on the continent; it was explosive and exponential.

This discovery made the frontline legions of the two empires fall into a state of chaos and anxiety.

The Holy Church started this war by sneak-attacking the Northern Region; it was hard to believe now. The Northern Region Empire figured out everything about the meticulously-created battle plan of the Holy Church and its forces. Now, this war seemed like a joke.

It felt like the people of the Northern Region Empire knew everything already.

In just about half a month, the Northern Region Empire completely understood the actions and weak points of the Holy Church, and they created plans accordingly and expanded their advantages.

The commanders of Juventus and Barcelona felt like they were giant dragons that were about to tear their enemies into pieces in rage. However, they were shocked to find that they fell into enemy traps that had been prepared for them. In the last while, regardless of what kind of counterattack measures that they employed, it was meaningless. Everything was within the people of the Northern Region Empire’s estimations.

If it weren’t for the Godly Execution Knight Legion that defended against the mixed cavalry legion of the Northern Region Empire, about one million soldiers of the two empires would have been wiped out in the first wave of attack.

“The enemies have extremely intelligent commanders. They must be continental-level commanders. They can’t be warriors like Golden Lion Lampard. Who are they?” Quagliarella asked this question.

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