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Hail the King Chapter 1181.3

Chapter 1181: Spear, Sword, and Shield (Part Three)

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“It is heard that the head commander of the Northern Region Empire is named Aryang, the father of one of the 12 Gold Saints, Robbin. His background is mysterious. It is heard that they were broke in their early years, but the Human Emperor of the North saved them. This Aryang is called [The Human Emperor of the North’s Spear]. Alongside [The Human Emperor of the North’s Sword] Bast and [The Human Emperor of the North’s Shield] Brook, they are the three most influential figures in the Northern Region Empire. They are the famous Spear, Sword, and Shield, and Aryang is the most mysterious among them.” Commander Pique of Barcelona recalled the latest report and said slowly.

“Only this much?” Quagliarella frowned.

“We only have this much,” Pique said with a bitter smile, “You have to know that the Northern Region Empire’s history is too short. In fact, it is even shorter than the period of time that our intelligence workers spent on this Aryang.”

“The battle at the Strait of Naples is tougher than we had imagined. It isn’t a piece of good news for us that the Northern Region Empire has such a talented commander.” Quagliarella stared at the red clouds in the sky and said, “Perhaps we need to use the old method to take care of this.”

The bitter smile remained on Pique’s face as he said, “The Holy Church already thought of it. However, out of the 11 ascetic assassins and the six elder-level assassins of the Assassin Godly Palace who were sent out, none of them came back alive.”

“What? So many casualties?” Quagliarella couldn’t believe his ears as he gasped, “The elders of the Assassin Godly Palace even died? Could it be that the Northern Region Empire also has its own assassin organization? To my knowledge, the ascetics of the Holy Church and the elders of the Assassin Godly Palace rarely fail.”

“Of course, the Northern Region Empire has its assassin organization. The famous [Four Spikes] and the [Grim Reaper’s Kiss] Demonic Shadow are all under the command of the Human Emperor of the North,” Pique said that and shivered as if an assassin of the Northern Region Empire was behind him.

Quagliarella shivered as well.

[Grim Reaper’s Kiss] Demonic Shadow was a rising star in the assassins’ circle. This person killed 11 peak Burning Sun Lords and a supreme master consecutively without failure. This assassin’s background was mysterious, and he was called the Representative of Death!

It was heard that this person had terrifying innate abilities, and even supreme masters couldn’t see through his stealth technique. Therefore, this assassin could kill the targets with one strike, and he earned the name as the Representative of Death. No one knew about his background, and only a trace of demonic shadow could be seen. Many people believed that this assassin was going to take the throne as the No.1 Assassin on the continent.

Quagliarella was shocked to learn that this assassin was also a part of the Northern Region Empire.

“If the Northern Region Empire sends this assassin after me…” Quagliarella suddenly felt like he had to change his tent and strengthen his protection as soon as he returned to his campsite.

“I have a feeling that we can’t attack the Strait of Naples for a while. Our mission is to wait for the elite troops of the empires in the Eastern Region to arrive. Before that, we just need to stay undefeated… or not be defeated tragically. We must try to instigate the hatred between the Northern Region and the Eastern Region, attracting as much of the Northern Region Empire’s attention as possible. After the battle between those two figures in the Southern Region is over, the outcome of this war will also be determined…” With that said, Pique turned around and left.

“Those two… Platini and Alexander?” Quagliarella murmured these two names in his mind.

“About 10,000 kilometers to the southwest, the aura of a goblin god is detected…”

Fei received this piece of information in the City of Iduna.

“They finally moved? They couldn’t wait? It is about time! Let’s go! It is about time to figure out everything!” Fei turned the letter into dust and flew toward the southwest with the Valkyrie.

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