Chapter 1182: The Goblin Realm? (Part One)

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Almost as soon as Fei and Elena moved, that mass of god-level goblin energy seemed to have detected something, and it instantly flew toward the south.

Fei and Elena weren’t in a hurry, and they followed this mass of energy at a measured pace.

With these two’s strength, now that they locked their senses onto that goblin god, the latter couldn’t get away.

Fei didn’t directly take this goblin god down; he wanted to know where it was escaping to.

The goblins first appeared at the most southern place on the Southern Continent.

It was hard to pinpoint where these murderous and violent goblins came from.

Some people said that the goblins were from the Goblin Realm which was another dimension, and some said that they were from the Sea of Mist to the south of the Southern Region.

Comparatively, most people accepted the first theory. From the looks of it, the goblins, dwarfs, and gnomes all had their own dimensions and planes, and they had been living there and reproducing for at least the last 1,000 years.

Where was the entrance to the Goblin Realm?

What kinds of secrets were hidden in the Goblin Realm?

No one knew the answers to these questions.

Since the beginning of the war in the Southern Region, the people here had been trying to find the Goblin Realm and destroy it. This would solve the issue with the goblins from the roots.

However, the result was disappointing. The human masters who tried to find the entrance to the Goblin Realm all disappeared.

Fei believed that this goblin god who was escaping must know where the entrance to the Goblin Realm was.

It would be great if the emperor could follow this goblin god and figure out the answer to this question.

While flying, Fei released his aura irregularly, giving more pressure to the goblin god who was fleeing. Like an invisible whip, Fei’s pressure forced this goblin god to escape faster. While periodically speeding up and slowing down, the goblin god continued to fly south.

The Southern Region was vast, and some people joked and said that even gods couldn’t travel to all the places in the region. Although this state was exaggerated, it showed how big this piece of land was.

After flying for three days, Fei and Elena finally got to the edge of the Southern Region.

On the way, many goblins could be seen on the land. The beautiful and fertile land was destroyed by these violent beings, forests were chopped down, and rivers were polluted. The green mountains now looked bald, and smoke filled the grasslands. Human blood dried on the land, and the chilly white bones glared under the sun, looking tragic and terrifying.

The entire Southern Region was ruined by these murderous creatures, and Fei was even more determined to wipe out this vicious race.

Except for destruction and conquering, this ugly green-skinned race didn’t know anything else! They didn’t have concepts such as protection and love; they didn’t deserve to live in this world.

“Disappeared…” The Valkyrie suddenly opened her mouth and reminded Fei.

“You are right. Since it disappeared, it means that the entrance to the Goblin Realm is somewhere close.” Fei nodded and looked pleased.

This was the most southern place on the Southern Continent. This was the location where the land, ocean, and void merged.

Looking from afar, many giant strange rocks could be seen standing on the edge of the land that stopped abruptly. The endless ocean was divided into two as water vapor permeated the air.

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