Chapter 1182: The Goblin Realm? (Part Two)

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One portion of the ocean poured down into the bottomless abyss; no one knew where that led to. The other half ‘fell’ into the sky. It seemed like the laws of nature on the Azeroth Continent stopped working at this place.

This was a shocking phenomenon; it felt like this was where the Godly Realm and Demonic Realm met.

Only the gods could come here. The normal supreme masters would have died before getting within 1,000 kilometers of this place, and their bodies would turn into blood mist and meat paste.

Fei was extremely curious; he wanted to know what kind of a world was inside the bottomless abyss, the depths of the ocean, and the river in the sky.

However, it wasn’t the time for the emperor to go on adventures.

Fei released his spirit energy, and he used the secret techniques recorded in the mysterious purple scroll, looking at the energy frequencies of every inch of space and trying to figure out where the entrance to the Goblin Realm was.

Surprising to Fei, the spatial barrier at this place was hundreds of times stronger than any other places on the continent, but the energy frequencies were extremely active and chaotic; no patterns could be spotted.

“Found it!” Fei’s eyes lit up after he carefully searched for about half an hour.

While dragging Elena, Fei jumped forward and leaped down the bottomless abyss by the edge of the continent.

This abyss was terrifying; the strong suction force could even bend light beams.

While jumping down, the two felt like their bodies tightened as if the gods were tearing their bodies apart.

Then, their visions darkened, and they felt like they were passing through a spatial tunnel as the tearing force disappeared.

In the next second, green light shot toward them.

Fei and Elena appeared inside a mystical space

It looked like Hell; it was a destroyed world.

The sky looked green, but Fei didn’t know where the source of light came from.

The ground was made of half-dried green liquid; it looked like wriggling mud as if creatures were struggling underneath.

A stinky odor could be smelled, and many strong goblin warriors were running around in the disgusting liquid.

Fei and Elena hid their presence and blocked off their bodies. Therefore, these low-level cannon-fodder-like goblins couldn’t see them.

This mystical space was vast and seemed endless.

Right now, Fei and Elena could still sense the aura of that goblin god who was escaping. Therefore, these two went into stealth and continued to move forward.

After traveling for close to 1,000 kilometers, Fei and Elena saw hundreds of millions of goblins moving around like ocean waves.

The disgusting green liquid on the ground surged up sometimes and devoured hundreds if not thousands of goblins, forming a pocket. Then, after green flames flashed by, the green pockets disappeared.

“It seems like a type of random teleportation array, sending these creatures out of here.” Elena discovered something.

Fei nodded and said, “That is right. I think the Goblin Realm is using this method to send goblins onto the Southern Region. Otherwise, if leaving through that entrance, these weak beings would be instantly broken down into primary elements of nature by the suction force of the abyss.”

“It is a type of strange teleportation magic. It isn’t any type of spatial magic that I know. For some reason, I feel like it is familiar…” The Valkyrie slightly frowned as if she thought of something.

“You find it familiar since this process is unique. Instead of being teleported, this is more like being summoned.” Fei clearly sensed something, and he laughed, “I have a feeling that by coming to the Goblin Realm, the origin of goblins and everything behind them will be revealed.”

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