Chapter 1183: Incubation Factory (Part One)

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While Fei and Elena talked with each other, they moved forward for about 200 kilometers.

Now, the simplistic and monotone world finally changed. Some strange structures appeared before the two.

Looking from afar, these structures looked like hills, castles, and cliffs on the side of tall mountains. They were low in the front and started to rise as Fei and Elena moved forward.

These structures stood on the green land that was half-liquid, and they seemed endless and extended to the horizon, looking like ladders as they got higher and higher.

At the very front, some black openings looked like that of a beehive.

Many goblins who were covered in viscous green liquid were pushed out of these openings like water flowing out of an opened dam.

“This place seems to be the birthplace of the goblins.”

Fei and Elena chose a giant opening and ventured into the corridor.

This was a circular pathway, and it had a cross-sectional diameter of about ten meters. The wall of the pathway was made of an unknown rock, and the surface was crude and uneven. The color made it seem like this pathway was made from concrete, and some random thin lines could be seen on the wall.

While loud, wave-like roars and cries resonated in the pathway, many goblins that were engulfed in green liquid grabbed onto the wall with their sharp claws and rushed out like geckos.

The deeper that Fei and Elena got, the wider the pathway became. Many forked roads appeared as the adjacent pathways merged and became one.

It felt like this was a maze created by an underground river.

On the way, Fei and Elena could sense the aura that goblin god left along the way, so they wouldn’t get lost in this maze-like place. They moved forward rapidly.

Time passed, and the pathway ahead grew wider and wider. Gradually, the cross-sectional diameter became more than 1,000 meters. This space became vast and looked like an underground palace.

“Do you feel it? The laws of nature are becoming weaker, and natural elements are also less active.” The Valkyrie frowned and felt like something wasn’t right.

Fei nodded and said, “Eh, there also seems to be a restrictive force. We must be careful. The deeper we go, the more suppressive it is. Therefore, our strength will be reduced.”

This was a strange space.

Anyone in here would experience a strength reduction.

As the suppression became stronger, it was possible to temporarily drop by one level in this place.

The more bizarre was that this suppression was completely natural. It wasn’t created by an engraved magic array or other artificial methods.

This was a strange space with hidden danger.

“Look over there! What is that?” The Valkyrie suddenly saw something that shocked her.

“I already saw it. It seems to be… Damn! Could it be some kind of incubation system?” Fei spat out a term that was common on Earth but foreign on the Azeroth Continent.

In fact, this scene was also shocking for the emperor.

The already spacious pathway led to an even bigger space!

This spherical space had a diameter of at least 10,000 meters.

In this space, many giant green trees grew from the ground, and at least ten people were needed to hug around the trunk of the thinnest tree.

Enormous green leaves fluttered even though there was no wind, creating a series of slashing noises.

Tunnels that were the thickness of an adult arm were everywhere on the trunks of the trees, and they surged with a mystical rhythm as if they were alive. Every time one of them moved, a visible bulge would appear and move along the tunnel, clearly transporting something.

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