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Hail the King Chapter 1183.2

Chapter 1183: Incubation Factory (Part Two)

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Many such mystical trees filled this space, forming a large forest.

Of course, this wasn’t the most shocking thing.

The most shocking things were the big bags that were about one-meter-tall and hung on the branches of these trees, looking like cocoons and fruits. The things that were being transported through the tunnels in the trunks were delivered to these green ‘fruits’. It could be vaguely seen that lifeforms were being incubated inside.

The answer was soon revealed.

Fei and Elena clearly saw the green ‘fruits’ being torn apart from the inside, and many goblins who were covered in green liquid staggered and crawled out. After roaring for a few times, they soon got used to the external environment. Then, under the control of a mysterious force, they moved towards the outside through the pathways.

The goblins that were just born were extremely weak.

However, in less than ten minutes, they became a lot stronger. They could walk and run with great balance, and their sharp claws turned them into murderous monsters.

“This is how the goblins are born!” Fei was surprised. “No wonder goblins are being reproduced at such high speed! When I tried to search their memories using my secret technique, I got no useful information. After they are born, it seems like their memories are wiped out by the suppressive force in this mysterious Goblin Realm!”

After giving birth to the goblins, the green ‘fruits’ quickly withered and fell from the tree. After landing at the roots of the trees, they slowly melted and merged into the green liquid underneath. Then, they were transported onto the trees through the tunnels and formed green cocoons before bumping like hearts and incubating new goblins.

This entire process took about four minutes.

With these pieces of information, it was clear that countless goblins were being created in this giant space! The reproduction speed of this species was shocking and unheard of!

“Is this the origin of the goblin-sea tactic? The tactic that this species is the most familiar with and most powerful at?”

Fei pointed out his finger, and a green ‘fruit’ that was in the process of incubating a goblin opened on the side in silence.

The green liquid flowed throughout the ‘fruit’ and wrapped around a goblin embryo. The green liquid that was being delivered into this ‘fruit’ from the bottom of the tree continued to nurture the embryo and quickly made it grow.

“Is this an incubation machine, or it is a part of the mystical nature?”

Fei almost instantly linked this scene to a sci-fi and horror movie, Resident Evil. This was extremely similar to the giant factory in the movie where countless green zombies were created.

“Are these goblins being born under the laws of nature, or is someone behind all this?”

While thinking about that, Fei unleashed a streak of hidden force. Like a tsunami, this force instantly destroyed everything in this giant space. All the trees, fruits, and goblins were turned into smoke.

However, countless goblins were still being created in other places, and they rushed out of this place through the pathways and charged toward the outside world.

“Let’s continue forward.”

Fei temporarily gave up the idea of destroying everything and killing all goblins here. He continued to move forward.

There was something more important for him to do now.

It was hard to imagine how much time and effort was placed into creating this giant underground structure. However, if this was created by nature, it would be hard to believe.

On the way, Fei and Elena saw tens of thousands of giant spaces with green trees like the one before, and many green ‘fruits’ on the trees were giving birth to goblins.

After about an hour, Fei and Elena saw something even more surprising.

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