Chapter 1184: The Origins of the Goblin Masters (Part One)

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In an even larger space, there were many giant red trees. The goblins that leaped out of the red-and-green ‘fruits’ were strong warriors who were engulfed in warrior energy flames. They were born as One-Star Warriors, which was extremely strong for any being who was just born.

These goblin warriors were divided into two groups.

One group of goblin warriors rushed out through the pathways like those ordinary goblins.

The other group of goblin warriors was sent to a giant colosseum-like structure. There were many white bones and goblin corpses. Many red-eyed goblin warriors were fighting and killing each other.

“Hiss.” A goblin warrior killed his peer. Then, he started to devour the corpse of his own kind.

Fei had sharp senses, and he noticed that after a goblin warrior killed and devoured another goblin warrior, the former’s strength increased by a lot. When a goblin warrior devoured another goblin warrior who was on its level, its strength would double. For example, after a One-Star goblin warrior devoured another One-Star goblin warrior, the first warrior became a Two-Star goblin warrior.

If this trend continued, while devouring each other, more powerful goblin warriors would appear.

“No wonder it feels like we can’t kill all the goblins, and the goblin masters are like chives. After cutting them down, another batch would grow out. This is how they are born! It feels like it is how the Miao people used to cultivate venomous creatures in China. To create a bug king, the bugs and worms must fight and devour each other. The last one standing would be the most fierce and powerful!”

Fei became more shocked the longer he watched.

If this was the natural process that was created by the world, then nature was truly wondrous.

However, Fei wanted to believe that this was a ‘factory’ that someone created.

The pathway seemed endless. The further Fei ventured inside, the larger it became.

After a while, the roof started to become green, and this place looked like a realm of its own. The suppressive force grew stronger, and the laws of nature on the Azeroth Continent were weakened to the extreme. If a demi-godly human master came here, he would be instantly suppressed to the Sun-Class Realm.

Like many incubation centers for goblins, goblin warriors, and evolved goblins, these places were connected by pathways, and it felt like there were countless locations.


Suddenly, thousands of emperor-level goblins who were equivalent to Sun-Class Lords somehow discovered Fei and Elena, and they rushed over and surrounded the two.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fei didn’t even need to move, and the Valkyrie didn’t take out her bow and arrows. Wherever Elena looked, many ice arrows appeared and nailed the emperor-level goblins onto the walls.

“They actually discovered us?” The Valkyrie was surprised. It was impossible for peak Burning Sun Lords to spot them.

Fei smiled and said, “Perhaps these weak creatures didn’t discover us; the entity behind them discovered us.”

“What should we do now?” Elena frowned and asked.

Vaguely, Elena felt like she went back in time, and she and Fei were inside the Diablo World, fighting monsters. Those memories were unforgettable.

In those terrifying environments and underground caves, Fei and Elena faced many monsters from Hell and battled alongside each other.

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