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Hail the King Chapter 1184.2

Chapter 1184: The Origins of the Goblin Masters (Part Two)

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Every time they killed a herd of monsters, Elena would ask Fei that question.

Fei also had the same feeling.

“Haha! Let’s continue! I want to know what secrets are hidden in this place!” the emperor said heroically.

The two continued to move forward.

Ten minutes later, something similar happened.

Thousands of peak emperor-level goblins noticed where these two were, and they attacked.

This time, Elena spent a bit more time in dealing with these murderous creatures.

Now, these creatures were coordinating with each other. More strangely, it seemed like these creatures learned a mystical array, and they could unleash a level of power thousands of times stronger than their own.

“This is interesting. However, you aren’t very proficient with this array. Did you just learn it?” Fei laughed while shaking his head, and a streak of power gushed out and sucked all the energies in the corpses of these goblins back into Fei’s body for him to refine.

The two moved forward again.

Just like before, many high-level goblins would appear in intervals, and Fei would accept their core energies without error.

Every time, the emperor would refine all the energies on the spot, and he was even willing to stay still for a while to do so.

When the 11th group of goblins attacked, they were all goblin gods.

Hundreds of goblin gods rushed over and attacked fiercely. Although this place was spacious, it wasn’t large enough for so many gods to fight in. It wasn’t simple for Elena to take care of all enemies on her own, so Fei finally used his power as well.

To Fei’s surprise, when these goblin gods died, they instantly turned into nothingness and wouldn’t leave behind any energy, so he couldn’t absorb any to increase his own strength.

“Hehe, they discovered it? They are using counter-measures?” Fei thought to himself but didn’t dwell on it for too long. He used powerful strikes and took out all the goblin gods in the area.

This happened repeatedly for the next four hours. Fei was shocked to find that he and Elena had killed thousands of goblin gods in this short time! This number was stunning!

A year ago, this force was enough to wipe through the entire continent. But now, these thousands of gods were killed by him.

This was a god-slain path!

During this process, Fei carefully observed the unity array of the goblins. It was interesting, making him recall something that happened to him.

“Something is changing in the front,” the Valkyrie reminded Fei.

The two moved forward on the pathway and entered an enormous space.

This space seemed endless; it felt like it had reached the horizon. When looking up, they saw a faint-green light source pouring light beams down from above. The omnipresent suppressive force was even stronger here. If a human god came here, he would be turned into a demi-god.

However, those goblin masters weren’t affected. It seemed like they could still unleash 100 percent their full strength.

In the center of this space, there was a giant green mountain.

Instead of calling it a mountain, it was more like a huge boulder. It was one piece! There was no crack nor openings, and its surface was smooth. However, this boulder was too big! It was thousands of meters tall, looking more like a mountain.

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