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Hail the King Chapter 1185.1

Chapter 1185: The Sudden Tough Battle (Part One)

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The mountain was overall green, looking like a piece of jade. It was beautiful and radiated an indescribable charming glamor.

Also, terrifying pressure was coming from this mountain.

Even though Fei and Elena were powerful, they could only fly about 100 meters off the ground in this place. When they were 1,000 meters away from this mountain, they had to descend onto the ground.

“What is this thing? How come I feel waves of incredible life energy from it?”

Elena was surprised. Everything in this place felt strange and bizarre, and the shocking suppressive force made it full of danger.

“This boulder seems to be alive.”

Fei released his spirit energy and sensed traces of surging life energy inside. It felt like a horrifying beast was imprisoned in this boulder! The life energy that was inside this boulder was far beyond what Fei was capable of!

The only thing was that this life energy was a little horrifying and contained a chilly death sensation.

“What is it? It seems to be shaking and struggling.”

Fei carefully observed for a while but still couldn’t figure out what this giant boulder was.

Everything seemed strange and creepy here.

At this moment, something unexpected occurred.

Four streaks of murderous spirits appeared on the left, right, front, and back, surrounding Fei and Elena. Then, four green and short figures who were extremely fast dashed over and attacked like light beams.

“Be careful!” Fei roared in anger, and golden flames burned around his fists. Then, two golden light beams shot out.

Boom! Boom!

Two dense mushroom clouds exploded in mid-air, and dust flew everywhere in this space. Even the void was shocked by this terrifying energy wave as transparent ripples appeared.

“Creak…” While shrill screams and roars sounded, two green figures flew out but weren’t injured.

At this moment, a muffled snort sounded as well.

Fei turned around and saw Valkyrie Elena fighting two enemies on her own. Although she knocked away these two goblin masters, her own blood started to roll and turn, and her presence became unstable while her face paled.

Godly kings! These goblin masters were in the Godly King Realm!

Fei and Elena looked at each other in shock!

“Godly-king-level goblins finally appeared, but four of them showed up at the same time?”

“This is unbelievable! Could it be that the Goblin Clan is so powerful that goblin godly kings are everywhere? Does it mean that there are also goblin supreme gods?”

In this mystical space, the strength of human masters would be greatly suppressed, yet the goblins wouldn’t be affected. While fighting two enemies on her own, Valkyrie Elena fell into a disadvantage.

However, Fei and Elena had a profound mental connection and unparalleled teamwork.

After glancing at each other for a second, they divided the tasks at hand.

Elena waved her arm, and her slender hand grasped onto her longbow that she just summoned. Instantly, the temperature in this space dropped, and sky-blue arrows howled in the air. She quickly tied down one of the goblin godly kings.

“Roar!” On the other side, Fei let out a beast-like roar and used his summoning skills. Soon, a bear, a wolf, a raven, and a vine appeared around him.

The summoning skills of the Druid, one of the seven classes in Diablo World, were powerful.

Now that Fei was a godly king, he could easily use all the abilities and skills of all seven characters in Diablo World. The beast partners that Fei summoned had impressive power, and they could tie down one goblin godly king for a short time.

Then, Fei took out the last two goblin godly kings himself.

The battle broke out at this instant; there was no way around it.

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  1. Why is b—–l censored, anyway?

  2. Imran Hafiz

    What the hell is b l ?

    • It was b-e-s-t-i-a-l, but an algorithm detected it since it might be a censored word by Google ad policy. We have made the appropriate changes to the chapter.

  3. Echo

    I always wonder why Alexander never use necromancer against thousand of goblins. More dead bodies mean more death soldier for necromancer

    • TetewMaster

      I think the necromancer in diablo world and undead magician in azeroth have different ability, the former only can summon a certain number of undead only using mana and no need for a corpse and the later can summon unlimited undead if there are corpses material

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